Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Our Adoption & Foster Care Timeline

Today is the 3rd anniversary of starting our adoption process!
I always knew that adoption processes can be long and drawn out, but when we started 3 years ago with an adoption consultant, we expected ours to take under a year. Little did we know the plans God had for our family. Here is our journey through the adoption, then foster care, then adoption through foster care process! I'll bold the parts about our now sons so you can see how our journey was unfolding simultaneously.

September 26, 2014- Hire adoption consultant and announce to the world that we are adopting!

November 2014- First and Second home study meetings

January 8, 2015- Home study approved! We can officially present our profiles to expectant parents.

January 21, 2015- Our profile is finished and mailed off to the first  mother. 

January 23, 2015- Our profile is presented to that mother. 

January 23, 2015- Our sons are born! (of course we'll have no idea for almost another year!) 

January 30, 2015- We were given our first "no" as that mom chose another family to parent her baby. 

February-May, 2015-We present our profile to 6 or 7 more expectant mothers during this time and waited not so patiently. The anxiety was strong, and the weeks were very emotional and trying. 

March 2015- Our sons were released from the NICU and into a foster home a few miles away from us. 

May 2015- We decide to take a short break from presenting our profile to expectant mothers. We had been pretty much constantly presenting and it was taking over our lives. We prayed a lot during this time. Foster care kept coming up in different ways, something we thought we'd NEVER do. Strangers kept mentioning it, we kept hearing random stories from friends of friends, etc. We started to consider the possibility. 

June 2015- Attended an informational meeting for foster care, had our background checks done and sat on the idea of foster care for awhile. 

July 2015- Our backgrounds were checked and passed, and we were given opportunities for class dates. We chose a class starting in November 2015. 

August 2015- We received a call from the agency asking if we would like to join a class starting that week, where they had a family back out. Yes! 

August-October 2015- 10 weeks of foster care classes, home studies and licensing. Meanwhile, we are still receiving situations from our adoption consultant to consider. 

November 2015- Last foster care home study visit. 

December 26, 2015- Receive our foster care license in the mail! 

December 30-January 1- Do respite care for 2 different sets of foster children to get our feet in the door.

January 6, 2016- We go "on hold" with our adoption consultant for 18 months while we see what happens with foster care. 

(hours later) January 6, 2016- Receive a call about 11 month old twin boys needing a new foster home. Call my husband to talk it over. Say yes! 

January 7, 2016- Talk to their social worker and current foster mother for the first time. See my boys' faces for the first time!

January 9, 2016- Our sons come to live with us! 

Late January, 2016- Court date scheduling termination of parental rights (TPR) trial for March.

March, 2016- TPR trial is postponed due to the county attorney having a family emergency.

May 2016- TPR trial finally occurs. Judge says she will give a written ruling.

May 2016-September 2016- Waiting on judge's ruling. Never receive one. Birth family visits occur 3x/week.

September 2016- Court. Judge says she will make a decision soon.

January 2017- Court. Judge rules from the bench. Birth parent's rights are terminated.

March 2017- Case moves to the adoption unit after 45 day "hold".

April 2017-We meet with adoption worker for the first time. She tells us she may move the boys and their half brother to a new home.

May 2017- Meeting with higher ups, fighting every which way we can.

May 2017- Court.

Rest of May 2017- Fighting, waiting, praying.

June 2017- Fighting, waiting, praying.

June 9, 2017- Our "on hold" status with our adoption consultant is expiring and we decide to close our contract.

June 27, 2017- We go in to human services for our adoption interview, which goes very well.

July 2017- Fighting, waiting, praying.

July 19, 2017- We receive the call that the boys are ours forever! Rejoicing and in complete disbelief. <<This is NOT the way we thought things would end up going based on the few months prior.

July 20, 2017- Sign papers with intent to adopt.

July 26, 2017- We hire our lawyer, sign papers, and apply for the boys new birth certificates.

July 27, 2017- Papers are submitted and we receive our adoption date!

August, 2017- Waiting and celebrating!

September 13, 2017- Adoption Day! 

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