Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Outfit Ideas for Kids (Boys & Girls)

One of the reasons I love fall so much is because there is such an endless number of outfits you can put together! At least in the Midwest where we live, the weather can fluctuate, so there are days we need short sleeves, and days we need sweaters. On the mild days, layering works out perfectly for us. I love dressing my kids at this time of year, so I thought it would just be fun to share some of our favorite outfit ideas as of late! 

Outfit #1: Comfy & Casual-track suit for boys
I don't know what it is about little boys in track suits, but I just think it's the cutest thing! My boys have a few, because they just look so sweet in them. 

Outfit #2: Boys plaid flannel & jeans
I also always love my kids in flannels. I feel like the red & black plaid is such a classic look, I love it on this little guy! 

Outfit #3: Mustard tunic + leggings + boots
This was one of my favorite outfits on her last year, so I was thrilled that it fit her again this year! It just SCREAMS fall with the color of the tunic, layered under a jean jacket and tall boots! Obsessed. I love how the striped leggings give it that extra punch of excitement.
jacket | tunic (similar) | leggings (similar) | boots (similar)

Outfit #4: Plaid dress with jeggings
She got this dress last year for her birthday (it's from Forever 21...did you know they sold kids clothes?!) and we all just love it! This year it works better as a tunic, so I'll be pairing it with leggings or jeans this fall. 
(The boots I got this year from Walmart in stores. I can't find them online, but they are similar to the ones I have linked, just not hiking boots.)

Outfit #5: Sweater with colored pants for boys
This sweater holds a special place in my heart. It was one of 2 sweaters I bought when we found out the boys were coming to live with us. I ran to Target for some essentials before they came, and couldn't resist the 2 sweaters. I'm so glad they still fit them! So besides the fact that its sentimental, I love this outfit because of the pop of color. I always love my boys in colored pants.

Outfit #6: Girls comfy game day attire
My daughter is a tomboy through and through and loves this outfit because it's a "football shirt". This would be such a cute, comfy outfit for hanging out with Dad and watching the game. Or, just for every day wear :) 

Outfit #7: Puffy vest + sweatshirt + jeans
My kids all love vests. Do your kids love vests? Is it a kid thing? This outfit is so nice because you can throw on the vest when you go outside, but they can still be comfy & warm in their sweatshirt without the vest. One of my favorites! 
sweatshirt (similar) | vest (similar) | jeans | shoes

Outfit #8: Basic girl fall outfit
This outfit reminds me of nothing other than the stereotypical "basic girl" and I love it anyway. My girl looks so stinkin' cute in the leggings, chambray shirt and boots, I can't help but want her to wear it every day :) 
headwrap (similar) | chambray top (similar) | shirt | leggings | boots (similar)

What are your favorite fall and winter outfits for kids?! 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

A-Z Survey

I thought it would be fun to lighten it up a little bit today and fill out a completely random survey! If you have a blog, steal the questions and play along so I can read them!
Here we go :) 

A- Age: 30

B- Biggest Fear: My husband or one of my kids dying

C- Current Time: 3:33 p.m. (hey, that's cool)

D- Drink you had last: water

E- Easiest person to talk to: Definitely my husband. We could (and do) talk for hours

F- Favorite song: How do you pick just one? Some recent favorites are My Victory by Crowder, and King of the World by Natalie Grant

G- Grossest memory: If you know me in person, you've probably heard this story. I was babysitting a few years ago and the baby was in the jumper and had a blow out. I mean, I've dealt with plenty of blowouts in my time, but this was by far the grossest, worst thing ever. He was wearing footie pajamas and it leaked out of the diaper and puddled up in the feet of the jammies. I'll just leave it at that. 

H - Hometown: I consider Fort Collins, CO my hometown because it's where I lived most of my life.

I- In Love With: Spinach kale dip from Trader Joe's. I've been craving it and need to get some.

J- Jealous of: Anyone who gets to sleep in on the weekends

K- Kindest person you know: Probably my friend, Megan (hi, Megan!) My oldest daughter randomly asked me a couple weeks ago "Mom, who is nicer? You or Megan" No hesitation- FOR SURE Megan. 

L- Longest relationship: I've been with my husband for 10 years, so, this one. 

M- Middle name: Elise

N- Number of siblings: 2. An older brother and a younger sister

O- One wish: For it not to snow before our trip to NY so we can actually make the flight

P- Person you spoke to on the phone last: Husband, yesterday

Q- Question you're always asked: (prior to last month) What's going on with the boys? When will you find out if you can adopt them? 

R- Reason to smile: It's FRIDAY (when I'm writing this!) 

S- Song you last sang: probably something with the kids this morning

T- Time you woke up: Woke up at 6:45 when my alarm went off. Definitely didn't stay up. 

U- Uniform you've worn: Jason's Deli-represent

V- Vacation destination: all 50 states! + I've always wanted to visit Australia and Italy

W- Worst habit: Getting sucked into the black hole of the internet

X- X-rays you've had: Lots. Chest, stomach, tons of oral x-rays, probably a couple ankles when I was younger. 

Y- Your favorite food: Guys. This is really weird but I think my favorite food is brussels sprouts. It used to be bacon or pork chops, but the other day I was thinking I think brussels sprouts might actually be now. But only the way my husband prepares them. I crave them OFTEN. 

Z- Zoo animal you love: I really thought the hippos were so cute the last time we were there. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Boys Room Plans

The whole time we were fostering the boys, I just could never bring myself to pull the trigger on decorating their room. Their bedroom had previously been our playroom, so of course we moved and changed a lot of things to make it their room, but as far as actually going with a theme and fully decorating it, I just couldn't. I think I wanted it to be so personal to them, and not knowing if they were going home, or to another foster home or staying, I just felt so conflicted on it. I came up with a lot of ideas, but every time I almost got ready to do it, I just didn't. They are also full on BOYS and love to destroy things, so we ended up having to move their cribs away from walls and taking down a lot of the art work and things we did have up. Now that they are getting a little older, they're getting ready for twin beds and I feel like it's a good time to just give their whole room a refresh and fully decorate it. So, even though there are a few things, we are basically starting from scratch here. 
I decided to go with black and white. I am not sure exactly why I finally decided on this (I had several different colors schemes and theme ideas in my head) but it just feels right for them, so I'm going with it. 
Their walls are painted gray and I'm not planning to re paint at this point, since we probably won't stay in this house that much longer. 
We will be moving them to twin beds soon, and we are getting them a set of beds that can stack as bunk beds or be 2 twins. We'll use them as 2 separate twins for at least the next several years. (I can guarantee someone would end up with a broken bone if we let them have bunk beds. Plus, they are way too young for bunk beds, I think!) These are the beds we are ordering. 
I went back and forth on what color to get the beds in. I really liked how these beds looked gray, but since their walls are gray I thought that would be too much. I was concerned about getting them white beds because they are really messy boys, and I feel like they'll get so dirty and/or ruined being white, but my husband didn't like how the black beds looked, so white it is! I am kind of thinking the boys will use them in this house, and when we move in a couple years, we might have the girls and boys switch beds. We'll see. 

Going with a black & white theme, I ordered them these comforters. I just love them and think they are so classic looking. I think they will grow with them, and even if we switch the theme of their room in a few years, these could really go with anything if we add different pillows and such, since they're so neutral. 

Side note: I was reminding my husband the other night that I actually wanted to do our first nursery in black & white with a few pops of color! At that time (in 2011) I couldn't find ANY black & white things for a nursery or kids room. There was just nothing. So I guess I have actually had this idea in my mind for 6+ years and now I'm finally using it since the world seems to have gained a lot of black & white kids room decor! 
Speaking of decor, it seems like a random mish mash of things, but I tried to choose some things I knew the boys would love, and that could grow with them. I will probably get a few more things (I really am trying to keep it pretty simple, though) but here is what I've got so far. 

The Exodus 14:14 prints I am planning to blow up poster size, frame and hang on one wall. I had originally planned to hang them over their beds, but now we are planning to have their beds pretty far apart so I don't think that would look right. This is a verse I prayed over them a lot while we were fighting and waiting to adopt them. 
The Hey Bro print we have had hanging in their room for awhile. They say 'hey bro' to each other all the time in the cutest way, so when I saw it, I knew it was perfect. Turns out it will still work out really well in their room and just give a little pop of color! The one we have is actually blue and green, not yellow. 
They have a dresser now that I am planning on painting, probably white. It will go between their beds and I think the nightlight will sit on that. I may do a framed family photo on there as well, not sure yet. 
They will each have one of the throw pillows on their bed, but I will probably end up with a couple other throw pillows for each of them. 
I haven't decided yet where I'm going to hang the panda head. I've been thinking about possibly getting a tapestry for one of their walls, probably the one above their beds and dresser. If I do that, I'm not sure where to put the Panda. He may or may not end up staying. 
My in laws threw them a superhero adoption party and I kept some framed pictures, similar to these that I am planning to hang. 
I want to get a few shelves to hang on either side of their window. I can't find anything local that I love, so I may order from IKEA. I found some floating shelves at Target that I like, but they never have them in stock and they can't be ordered. I'm looking at these from IKEA, and possibly going to do either 2 or 3 on each side. 
I have plans for several cute things to put on their shelves, whenever we do hang those. My husband's aunt is going to do something with their names that I am thinking I'll put there, and I'm excited to see those! 
I also haven't quite decided on a rug. I don't want to have way too much going on as far as patterns, but I feel like they'll need something for the empty space between their beds and in front of the dresser. I've been going back and forth between this one from IKEA and this one from Rugs USA. We don't have an IKEA close by, so shipping to get it here is outrageous, unfortunately. 
Ok, well, that was probably way more talking than 1 person needs to do about bedroom decor. So, I'll leave it at that. I will definitely do a post when I finish getting it altogether, so you can see how it turns out! I am excited for it to be complete! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

z2-age 2.5

This post is all about my curly haired sweet boy. 
He was the second born twin, but much larger than his brother at 3 lbs 6 oz. I still don't know their lengths, but since the post on his brother, I found out what times they were born and this buddy was born at 8:57 p.m., 2 minutes after his brother. 

This little boy has the softest skin I have ever felt in my life. I think all of my kids (and kids in general) have really soft skin, but nothing holds a candle to his. I don't understand how it is so soft.

He is super affectionate. He loves to be held and snuggled, and he doesn't care who its by. He loves anyone and everyone and has never met a stranger. People think this is so cute, but it's actually quite problematic. I believe that his willingness to go to absolutely anyone is a product of foster care-he was expected to go with any random stranger who showed up at our door, and it makes me sad that it has affected him the way it has. We are working hard on this, but it is hard to break because he is so sweet and cute that everyone loves him and loves when he comes to them. 

He loves his sisters so much, and thinks he can do what ever they do. It is cute how he thinks he's so much older than he actually is. 

This boy is 10000000% obsessed with trucks. And I mean OBSESSED. Trash days are HUGE at our house because of all the trash trucks coming by. When we are in the car and pass any kind of truck-construction truck, pickup, semi, any kind of thing that remotely resembles a truck, etc.-he SCREAMS "guk guk guk" over and over and over and over. So, basically all the time we are in the car ;) 

He is the biggest helper. He LOVES to do anything that he thinks is remotely helpful! 

He is also semi OCD about things being in their place. If we leave a cabinet door open, he HAS to shut it. It's usually helpful, except when we are trying to unload groceries or something, and purposely leaving doors open and he keeps closing them for us! 

I think he will be a little caretaker. He loves to give and receive hugs, kisses and snuggles. He also loves taking care of a baby doll and from a very young age he has played with one and taken care of it so sweetly. He also loves to comfort his sisters when they are sad or hurt. 

He is such a finicky sleeper, and that has been hard. He goes through phases often where he just hardly sleeps. He will wake up 2 hours early in the morning, not nap and fall asleep hours after we put him to bed. And it goes on for weeks. 

He is also quite a picky eater. He used to eat everything I'd put in front of him, like his brother, but now he is super, super picky. He has never liked bread type things which I find funny because who doesn't love carbs?! But then he likes random things like pickles. 

This kid has a SCREAM on him. Oh man. He went through about a 14+ or so month phase where he did this high pitched scream about every.thing. It was hard on my ears. I am glad that phase has ended, but the scream still comes out occasionally. And when he doesn't like something, he will let you KNOW. There was also a phase with the bath, where he would scream bloody murder, like I'm talking I was afraid a neighbor would hear and report us because of how loud it was! And then the second he got out he'd be 100% fine!  (He did that with this 4 wheeler. Oh.the.drama. He acted like his arm got chopped off when it was all the way across the giant yard, nowhere close to him. And as you can see, he ended up loving it and didn't want to get off.) 

He absolutely loves being outside! He would probably stay out all day every day if I'd let him. He figured out how to ride a little trike and a scooter completely on his own (we had to teach the girls how to pedal so we were surprised when he just did it)!

 He can be quite the dare devil. He'll sit down on the scooter and FLY down the driveway and turn at just the last second to go into the grass. He loves piling up the couch cushions on the floor and jumping on to them. 

He is SUPER silly, and he knows he is. He cracks himself up regularly. 


Like his brother, he also receives speech therapy, and has for over a year. He has some delays that we are hoping and praying he can overcome. I think he also has some weird sensory stuff, but nothing huge enough to qualify for therapy on that. He is very particular about the way his body moves. Unlike most kids I know, he has hated being put upside down, or spun around, or tossed up into the air playfully. This surprised me for the longest time because of how wild he is otherwise. 

This guy can give a serious mean mug. When he's not impressed with you his side/stink eye will be out in full force. It's pretty impressive, really. 
His name has several meanings, but it is generally referred to as a synonym for the Promised Land. His middle name is a family name which can mean "beam of light" or "kingly". My hope and prayer for my son is that he will seek first the Promised Land and will be a beam of Christ's light while on this earth, always pointing himself and others back to our King. 

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