Friday, October 20, 2017

6th Birthday Festivities

My oldest turned 6 last month. So hard to believe, as it is every year! I still need to get a post up about her at age 6, but I wanted to get a post done about what we did on her actual birthday before I forget all of the details. 

The girls have started a tradition of sleeping on our floor the night before their birthday so they wake up in our room on their birthday. I have no idea why they love this, but it is so precious and I love that they do it. 
We had French Toast for breakfast. This was a fail on my part because she had asked for a specific kind of pancake and I forgot to get the stuff from the store :( I was going to run to the store in the morning, but she said she was happy to have her dad's french toast, so we did that instead.

Little brother's had school that morning, so we dropped them off and then headed down to the big mall to Build A Bear. Brothers and sister did BAB this year on their birthdays so she felt like she really needed to do that, too ;) She was disappointed they discontinued their ninja turtles, but she chose a green (camo) bear that she named Cam and really liked him. 

After Build A Bear, we let the girls do those riding animals. I honestly couldn't believe it, but she ended up hating it. She is a daredevil and I thought she would be flying all over the mall on it, but she really didn't like it at all, quickly got off and her sister did it for awhile. 
We headed down the mall to the ice rink. She took ice skating lessons for multiple sessions this year, but we stopped around summer and haven't started up again, so it's been awhile since she has been on the ice. Little sis had never been before. We had the rink to ourselves for about an hour and it was SO much fun! It had been years since I'd been skating and I loved skating around the rink just chatting with her. She is so grown up. We talked about all the things she learned this year, and what she wants to learn in the coming year. She is so precious. 

We grabbed a quick pizza lunch at the mall and then headed back to town to pick up the boys from school. While the boys napped, the girls and I ran to the store to get things for a spaghetti dinner (her pick) and so she could pick out her cake, and something to pass out at her homeschool classes the next day. 
After dinner, we did cake and gifts (it was a very ninja turtle birthday-she is still obsessed). 

We went to play outside for a little while after dinner. 

and she had been asking me for days to go on a bike ride with her. Her big gift from us was a new bike, and she had never been on a ride with just me. Sometimes her dad will jog and she'll ride next to him, but we've never done both of us on separate bikes before. I had been putting it off for a few days because it was SO HOT, but we finally went that evening! We got a little ways up the road and her Grandma drove by, so we decided to turn around and go home so she could open her gifts from them (which was totally fine with me--it was hot and humid)! 
She's been asking for a skateboard for a long time, which her dad (and mom) says a big fat NO to, so she and Grandma compromised with roller skates and she has been waiting patiently for a long time! She put those suckers on and was cruising all over the place-it was wild. Of course, she had to have a skateboarding Mikey, too ;) 
She had a great birthday filled with lots and lots of love! It is so fun to celebrate with her the older and more excited she gets about her big day! 

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