Sunday, October 15, 2017

A-Z Survey

I thought it would be fun to lighten it up a little bit today and fill out a completely random survey! If you have a blog, steal the questions and play along so I can read them!
Here we go :) 

A- Age: 30

B- Biggest Fear: My husband or one of my kids dying

C- Current Time: 3:33 p.m. (hey, that's cool)

D- Drink you had last: water

E- Easiest person to talk to: Definitely my husband. We could (and do) talk for hours

F- Favorite song: How do you pick just one? Some recent favorites are My Victory by Crowder, and King of the World by Natalie Grant

G- Grossest memory: If you know me in person, you've probably heard this story. I was babysitting a few years ago and the baby was in the jumper and had a blow out. I mean, I've dealt with plenty of blowouts in my time, but this was by far the grossest, worst thing ever. He was wearing footie pajamas and it leaked out of the diaper and puddled up in the feet of the jammies. I'll just leave it at that. 

H - Hometown: I consider Fort Collins, CO my hometown because it's where I lived most of my life.

I- In Love With: Spinach kale dip from Trader Joe's. I've been craving it and need to get some.

J- Jealous of: Anyone who gets to sleep in on the weekends

K- Kindest person you know: Probably my friend, Megan (hi, Megan!) My oldest daughter randomly asked me a couple weeks ago "Mom, who is nicer? You or Megan" No hesitation- FOR SURE Megan. 

L- Longest relationship: I've been with my husband for 10 years, so, this one. 

M- Middle name: Elise

N- Number of siblings: 2. An older brother and a younger sister

O- One wish: For it not to snow before our trip to NY so we can actually make the flight

P- Person you spoke to on the phone last: Husband, yesterday

Q- Question you're always asked: (prior to last month) What's going on with the boys? When will you find out if you can adopt them? 

R- Reason to smile: It's FRIDAY (when I'm writing this!) 

S- Song you last sang: probably something with the kids this morning

T- Time you woke up: Woke up at 6:45 when my alarm went off. Definitely didn't stay up. 

U- Uniform you've worn: Jason's Deli-represent

V- Vacation destination: all 50 states! + I've always wanted to visit Australia and Italy

W- Worst habit: Getting sucked into the black hole of the internet

X- X-rays you've had: Lots. Chest, stomach, tons of oral x-rays, probably a couple ankles when I was younger. 

Y- Your favorite food: Guys. This is really weird but I think my favorite food is brussels sprouts. It used to be bacon or pork chops, but the other day I was thinking I think brussels sprouts might actually be now. But only the way my husband prepares them. I crave them OFTEN. 

Z- Zoo animal you love: I really thought the hippos were so cute the last time we were there. 

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