Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The girls and I played hooky today and went exploring! The weather is SO nice right now-high of mid 70s by mid-day, with 50-60s in the morning. Not a cloud in the sky today! We just had to take advantage. Not to mention, the beautiful fall colors popping up everywhere right now. I'm so glad we did it!
After we dropped the boys at school, the girls and I met Megan and Dax at a local nature center to hike and play. They had some really cool features inside that we checked out first, then went outside to explore.
First up, we checked out the pond.

Next was this GIANT teepee. We all got inside and the kids played for awhile. 
We went on a little hike, that ended up being mostly uphill. I was glad we were going at toddler pace ;) The kiddos stopped several times along the way to play in leaves and sticks and just explore. 

After we had a snack and hiked back down, they had a little outdoor play area with mud painting, instruments, scarves, a weather center, magnetic wooden blocks and more. The kids spent a lot of time playing here and they really liked it!

After we were done, we picked up some lunch and called it a day! Today was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively ;) !

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