Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Favorite YouTube Channels

Blogging about my favorite Netflix shows made me think it would be fun to share my favorite YouTube channels as well! Do you watch YouTube? I didn't know it was a "thing" until a couple years ago. I just used it as a way to search for a video on something specific, but now I have a bunch of channels that I watch regularly (usually while I'm folding laundry or doing other chores) and really enjoy. If you are  YouTube watcher (or creator!) tell me your favorite channels to watch! 

In no particular order...

Erica Arndt Erica is the creator of Confessions of a Homeschooler and shares videos a couple times a week, usually on homeschool topics. I have learned a lot from her! 

The Domestic Geek shares tons of awesome and totally do-able recipes! My favorites are her videos which have 3-5 takes on the same dish (like 5 overnight oats recipes, or 4 smoothie recipes, etc.) Her videos are quick and easy to follow.

Cute Girls Hairstyles  I started following for hairstyle ideas for my girls, but I love keeping up on their family now that they are vlogging weekly! They are an adoptive family with 2 adopted children and 4 biological ranging from early elementary-seniors in high school. 

This Gathered Nest  is another homeschooling/adoptive family. She just gave birth to twin girls via embryo adoption and they have also done international adoption, international special needs adoption and domestic adoption, in addition to 2 biological daughters putting them at 7 kiddos. Their family is really sweet so their vlogs are fun to watch, but I also really love Angela's videos on adoption, homeschooling, parenting, beauty, and more. 

Whats Up Moms  puts out great, quick content. I love that all of their videos are under 5 minutes or so. I have gotten a ton of great organizing, recipe and life hack tips from their videos!

How Jen Does It I basically want to be Jen when I grow up. I actually skip over a lot of her videos, but she motivates me to get off my behind and get my house cleaned! She also has tons of great recipes, and parenting/marriage/life advice as someone with older kids who has a lot of wisdom to share ;) 

Love Meg  Ultimate cleaning and organizing motivation. Meg and her family are so cute and she is the queen of all things homemaking. 

A Farmhouse Full When I started watching Nicci's videos I was just totally fascinated by their large family. I have learned a lot about how to manage a larger family (she has 8 kids ranging from baby-teens) from her, and even tho it's weird to say, I'll say it-I just love listening to her talk. A lot of her videos are just her talking to the camera so I'll just put it on while I'm doing something and listen. Her voice is soothing or something -- is that creepy? 

Darci Isabella I absolutely love this channel. Darci is a minimalist and I love all of the minimalistic ideas she shares! All of her videos start out with her talking about whatever the title says followed by a recap of their day which is cooking, walking, stuff around their little urban farm setting. It fascinates me. 

Inspired by Nikki  is a newer one for me, but she just seems to have the sweetest spirit. She is another one I just enjoy listening to and gives me tons of cleaning/organizing motivation. She runs her household really well.

Myka Stauffer I generally really enjoy the style of Myka's videos and appreciate her minimalistic homemaking style. She has a lot of good ideas to share. 

Those are my favorite/regular watches! I don't watch every single video from all of them (especially vlogs) but they are all really fun to watch. Who are your favorite YouTubers? 

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