Sunday, October 8, 2017

Freezer Breakfasts

Last month, our mornings changed SO much with having to be up and out the door to take kids to classes and activities. We have always had a really laid back schedule, for the most part. It was a huge adjustment. Breakfast time has always been one of the craziest times of day in my house, because everybody wakes up at a different time, and seems to want something different, and people are getting dressed and getting hair fixed and this kid needs help with this thing and that kid needs help with that thing. Whew. I knew it wouldn't work out well if it kept being that chaotic when we needed to actually be places in the mornings. So, I wondered if I could cook up a bunch of breakfasts ahead of time and freeze them, just like people do with dinners. Would it save me time, and still allow me to feed my family a healthy breakfast? 
I did it for the month of September and it worked out SO well, that I decided to do it from now on. I've done it twice now and it took me about an hour and a half to two hours (not including clean up) to make breakfasts for 4 kids for an entire month (weekdays only). We don't really buy cereal, but we decided to start doing "cereal Sundays" and letting the kids pick a box each week to have on Sundays. They went absolutely crazy for this idea. It's perfect because our family is big enough to eat about a box between all of us, and then it isn't sitting around temping me to eat it all week ;) (I love cereal....)
In September, I made: 
Egg Cups (did NOT freeze well. They were delicious straight out of the oven, but I won't make them again to freeze.)
Sausage Links
Smoothie packs

I also had on hand (not homemade):
Whole Grain Frozen waffles for waffle sandwiches
Chobani yogurt tubes
Fresh fruit

My kids almost always eat a banana first thing in the morning, and they are always welcome to have fruit or yogurt if breakfast wasn't enough. They usually drink milk at breakfast, as well.

In October, I made: 
Sausage links
Smoothie packs
Banana muffins (chocolate chips added, of course)
Pumpkin muffins 

I am also planning to do overnight oats one evening a week for the following morning, using this recipe.

If you have any delicious, kid friendly, easily freezable breakfast ideas for me, please send them my way! 

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