Sunday, October 22, 2017


We had an insanely busy weekend and I'm bummed I missed a day of blogging! I made it 20 days! It never even crossed my mind yesterday and it wasn't until I woke up this morning that I realized I forgot to blog yesterday. Oh well. Onward we go! 
I'm exhausted from our weekend, so I'm just going to do a phone picture dump of some of the things we've been up to lately!

First "official" fieldtrip. Pumpkin patch with the whole family! 

He is a wild, climb everything boy through and through.

Daddy is the best park playmate.

Busted climbing out of bed... (sorry its sideways)
...To get in with brother

Little man got a haircut that broke mommy's heart :( The haircut itself is cute, but it wasn't what I wanted and because of how curly his hair is, it'll take about a year to grow back...wahhhh! But it's growing on me and he looks SUPER grown up with it. 

Distracted driver...

Enjoying the fall colors, weather, and Saturday mornings together.

They think they're really big when they sit at their table during sisters' school time. 

My oldest had a few sweet friends over for a "slumber" party (without the actual slumbering). I told her she could invite a few girls and she wanted to do a movie night, so we did pizza, popcorn and a movie, then made milkshakes afterwards while they played. It was the easiest lowest prep party I've done and I loved that! The kids all absolutely loved it because they got to eat in the living room and watch a movie with their friends in pajamas.

Exploring our library's rooftop.

Obsessed with his daddy.

That's pretty much been life lately! We have another crazy busy week coming up, so hopefully I can keep up on the final few days of blogtober!! 

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