Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thoughts About Adoption & Foster Care From Children

My girls always have a lot of thoughts to offer about foster care and adoption. We tried to be really open and honest with them (at an age appropriate level) throughout the whole process, and I love hearing them talk about it. Today, I asked them just to talk to me about anything they wanted regarding foster care or adoption, and I wrote out what they said. Some of it doesn't make sense and some of it is super random, but here it is, unedited :) My comments are in parenthesis. Out of the mouths of babes.

c2-age 4.5

"I like foster care. I know that people have to look for those kids to find another family to live with and they have to stay on track (the social workers) so that they can find the right parents. And they technically (yes, she actually said 'technically') have to find the right family that matches with the kid, so if it's a grumpy kid it has to be a grumpy parent (LOL! No idea where she got this but I'm cracking up!) and if its a happy kid it has to be a happy parent. I know that there's as much kids as there is now as there is with parents who don't have any kids (I'm not sure exactly what she means). In foster care there's  stuff for kids to do. But I don't know if there might be a lot exactly. But there is fun things for kids to do there (in foster care). It's a safe place for kids when they're looking for parents. And they can find nice and peaceful homes (oh my heart...). There's lots of toys at these homes that they find and they find, um, nice parents and parents that have to take time but they always play with their kids when they ask. And they always have nice parents and helpful parents and love-ful (loving ;) ) parents. Sometimes they have brothers and sisters at their foster home to play with. And they find new brothers and sisters at the home that they have been blessed with (OMG I'm obsessed with her) and they find love ful sisters and brothers and they find happy parents. 
Sometimes their birth parents don't do the right thing with them and they don't always take care of them in the right way. But those parents still love them and birth parents feel bad for what they did. 
I like adoption and foster care because foster care workers are nice people and they choose the right parents. I like having foster brothers and now real brothers. I like how playful they are and stuff." 

c1-age 6

"At court there was a lot of people watching me (she is referring to the boys adoption day) and my mom I think was maybe embarrassed (I asked her about this after we were done talking, and she thought I was embarrassed because I had {happy} tears in my eyes. I guess she read that as embarrassment when it was really me just trying to hold myself together). 
It made me feel happy that we got to adopt Z and Z. And my brothers like to talk and scream a lot. At the adoption my brothers, when everybody was looking at them, they were holding keys and they were very noisy. 
When I was a foster sister, some of the times I would need to help Z when he was feeling sad or got hurt sometimes. And being a foster sister I had to wait a lot and then I finally got to be a REAL SISTER! And I love the boys very much! And we had to wait for a long time. It was hard to wait. Once I even sang a song about it. When the boys were 1 year old, they would dress up in these cute red with stars suits with hoods with ears and they would wait in their carseats and sometimes I would tell them stories and then (birth mom's name) bought them this little purple monster with lots of green legs and they had to share it. They were going to a visit with their mom (when they were in the car seats) and sometimes Brandon (social worker) would come to pick them up. And Brooke (social worker) came to pick them up, too. When they would come home, sometimes they would fall asleep. And workers that would come to our house their names would be Bri or Laura. They would come to see how the boys were doing and play and then a different lady came and she was helping the boys to talk and she brought toys a lot and then me and my sister would play in our room when they were doing that. I really like foster care and I really like adoption. I like that Z has puffy cheeks (lol) and I like that (other Z) likes to help with my chores to feed Oscar (our dog). I like to have more siblings in our family. Love, C"

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