Monday, October 23, 2017

Recent Netflix Faves

We are big Netflix people in this house. Sometimes I find it hard to find really good things to watch on streaming, so I thought I'd share some of our recent favorite Netflix shows/movies. 

Blacklist There are a lot of episodes and we haven't gotten through them all (this is a show that we binge watch for awhile and then take a break from....) but it is one that you can't.stop.watching.

The Office We just recently re-watched the entire series and loved it just as much as the first time(s). 

Friends Again, a re-watch. I have always loved Friends and have seen every episode many times. Sometimes I just really need something lighthearted to watch and not have to think too hard about! 

Black Mirror I will say some of the episodes (we haven't seen them all) are completely weird and/or inappropriate. But some of them are just mind blowing and so, so good. Every episode is individual so you can start anywhere. None of the same characters or story line or anything. My favorite episodes are: Nosedive (I'm seriously afraid that this is our future...) Shut up and Dance (Did not see the ending coming and it ruined/infuriated/crushed me. This one does have an adult scene toward the beginning you may want to skip over.) White Bear (Probably my favorite episode. I could not figure out what was going on and it was just so good) The Entire History of You (also terrified this is our future) White Christmas (this one messed with my mind a little bit).

Person of Interest This is another one like Blacklist that we binge for awhile and then take a break from, but it is really awesome. It is one of those shows where there is an ongoing storyline with the few main characters, but each episode has some type of individual situation going on with other people. Not sure if that type of show has a name, but I really like that kind!

Shooter We started this one on a whim one night and could NOT stop watching it! My husband says he thinks it's based on a movie and they turned it into a show, so that's kind of cool.

Lion This movie was heart wrenching (but so good). It is about an international adoptee who gets separated from his birth family at age 5 and placed for adoption, then tries to find his birth family as an adult. I think it is an incredibly important movie because too often our culture expects adoptees to be so grateful for the life they've been given, without thinking of everything they have lost. 

Minimalism In general, minimalism fascinates me so I really enjoyed this documentary. It gave me a lot to ponder. 

What Happened to Monday This Netflix original kept us both on our toes! A forewarning that there is an adult scene that took us by surprise and we quickly skipped over. The storyline was really interesting--in the future the whole world is living with a one child per family rule and it is strictly enforced, so when a mother gives birth to septuplets and then dies, what is their grandfather to do? 

I can't wait for Christmas movies to start rolling out! What are some of your favorite Netflix shows/movies lately? 

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