Saturday, November 4, 2017

What Happened to Blogtober?

I did SO good blogging for most of October, and then stopped very suddenly. 
As much as I wanted to complete blogtober I felt like I had to stop. 
Life got a little crazy and it honestly was just taking up too much of my time. 
I was skipping times with God so I could blog, I hadn't read a book the entire month, my house was a mess. But then, then we decided very suddenly to move, and that pretty much made the decision for me. 
Moving-exciting! But moving with 4 kids....sooo much work. We needed to get our current house up on the market quickly because we very suddenly and randomly found what is pretty close to our dream home, and we wanted to make a move on it. We had A LOT of stuff to do to get our house ready to list, so that took precedence and blogging got booted. I wish I could have finished because I was so close! I even had a few drafts started, but I'm glad I stopped when I did so we could get things done! 
So for now, I'll probably be back to blogging once or twice a week and hopefully still sharing some of the posts I planned for Blogtober. And whenever we sell our house and move to the new house, I'm sure I'll have some posts about that, too! 
Here's a {bad quality phone w/ flash} picture of the kiddos at the new house :) We can't wait to move in! 

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