Monday, December 11, 2017

What My Kids Are Getting For Christmas-2017

I love seeing what other people's kids are getting or got for Christmas. Or not even necessarily kids, I guess, just people in general! I just think it's really interesting and fun to see what people give as gifts or what people ask for. 

The way we have been doing Christmas gifts for the kids the last couple of years is we give them each 4 gifts from us. We tried the whole something to wear, read, want, need thing but it just didn't work for us. I didn't always want to give them books, and they never need anything because we buy them things when they need it, so it just didn't work. We took the same type of approach and broadened the categories a bit and we do 1. a wearable gift 2. their big want 3. activity gift-either based on an activity, or that they can use in an activity...something to DO. 4. something educational.
It has worked out really well the last few years and it has helped me to not just go crazy buying every little thing at Christmastime! We don't necessarily have a set budget per kid because some years they want something more expensive or extravagant, and some years they want something smaller. It all evens out. 
The kids each get a gift from their siblings (so far the girls have picked out a hot wheels semi hauler for one boy and a semi truck hauler for the other) and we also do a family gift every year that is a game and we play it on Christmas afternoon. We also do stockings but I don't have everything listed for those in this post :) 
So, here's what my kids are getting for Christmas! 

Daughter #1-6 years old
Want: Ninja turtle watch. This is a smaller want but she has been begging for this for months!
Wear: Nike hoodie. Another thing she has had on her wishlist for quite awhile.
Activity: Ukuklele
Educational: (not pictured) Art set with How to draw 101 animals book and sketch pad

Daugher #2-4 years old
Want: Melissa & Doug ice cream counter. She hasn't ever actually seen this but she plays ice cream shop every time we go to the park so I know she is going to love this and play with it all the time! 
Wear: My little pony robe & slippers
Activity: Ukuklele
Educational: (not pictured) Art set with Things girls love drawing book and sketch pad

Son #1- almost 3 years old
Want: Tablet, case and headphones. We bought a 4 pack of fire tablets on Amazon a couple years ago and haven't really used 2 of them, so we are giving them to the boys with cases and headphones like the girls have. They don't know how to use a tablet yet or anything, but I know they'll get a lot of use out of them on trips and in years to come. 
Wear: Adidas track suit
Activity: Ukulele
Educational: Trucks book set

Son #2- almost 3 years old
Basically the same as his brother
Want: Tablet, case and headphones
Wear: Adidas track suit
Activity: Ukulele
Educational: Things that go book set 

What are your kids getting for Christmas?! 

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