Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trader Joe's Haul

It always makes me laugh that "haul" type posts are so popular. I completely love them as well, but I honestly can't pinpoint what is so exciting about them?! If you know, tell me. And if you don't watch haul videos on YouTube, don't start--they're addicting! 
So naturally, it was time for a Trader Joe's haul. We went randomly last night, kind of spur of the moment, because we were a few miles away at Costco anyway. This is the first time I've been to this one, so we found some old favorites and some new things to try. I'll list the prices for everything and for reference I am in the midwest, so they may or may not be the same at your local TJs. Also, I apologize in advance for the bad lighting and phone pictures. I quickly took these as we were rushing in the door to get the kids down for bed and before all the frozen stuff thawed out, so I know they're not great. 

I am trying to get back to planning my menu for the whole month, doing a big grocery shop at the beginning of the month with most of the shelved and frozen things, and then just grabbing perishables each week or so. We go through gobs of produce every week, so there's no way we could last more than a week between grocery runs. So, a good majority of this (plus some things I got at Costco) should last through the month as far as snacks, breakfast items, etc. and I will still need to run to Aldi and Walmart this week to finish getting everything I need for the month. If that makes no sense to you, I wrote a post here about how I do that. It has been more than 6 months since I've planned/shopped this way and I noticed how much more we ate out and how much less prepared I was in general.

Fridge Items
Mango Whole Milk Kefir- $2.99 We use this for smoothies mostly. The girls drink it plain sometimes.
Organic sour cream-$2.49
Crumbled feta-$2.69
Organic American cheese singles-$3.99 These make me feel a little better about serving grilled cheese for lunch ;) 
Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip-$3.99 Not sure if they changed the recipe or if I just remember it differently but I used to love this stuff, and thought it was only ok this time :/
Lobster Ravioli-$3.99 For an easy, quick lunch for me
Kerrygold-$3.19 This won't last the month by any means, I just was out and grabbed one bar and will get more later for a little cheaper at Costco or Aldi
Organic Mayo-$3.69
Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack-$2.29 My oldest is obsessed with both pita chips and hummus, so I thought this would be an easy snack for her on the go
Basil Pesto-$2.49
Organic Probiotic smoothies- $3.69 (per each 4 pack)
Organic Yogurt Squishers- $3.19 each I would have gotten enough to last the month, but the expiration date was mid March

Frozen Items
Chicken Pot Pie-2 @ $3.99 each
Just... Grilled Chicken Strips-$5.49 Easy to throw in my boy's Yum Boxes for lunches
Blueberry Waffles- $1.99 per 8 count box
Multi Grain Waffles- $1.99 per 8 count box
Silver Dollar Pancakes- 4 boxes @ 1.99 each
Gluten/dairy free pancakes-$3.29 for my dairy free son
Sweet potato fries-$1.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls-$3.99 per box These will go along with a lo mein dish and wontons
Spelt risotto- $2.99 an easy lunch for me
Turkey Meatballs-$3.99

Pantry Goods
Evoo Spray- $2.99
Organic Marinara- $2.29
Sliced French Brioche-$3.99 I read that this makes the most incredible French toast. We are trying it tonight, so I'll report back if it's really that good.
Veggie Chips-$1.99
Green Goddess Salad Dressing- $3.69 I've never had this, but the cashier confirmed it's amazing, and it smells really good. I'm excited to try it! 
Cinnamon sugar pita chips-$1.99
Roasted Plantain Chips-$1.69 each I ate these so much on Whole 30!
Cashews- $7.99 each The only place I've found them that aren't cooked in peanut oil
Cinnamon Apple snack sticks-$2.49
Organic lentil vegetable soup-$1.99 another easy lunch for me
Whipping cream-$1.29
Harvest grains blend-$2.69

Non Food Items
 Tea tree tingle body wash-$3.99 I read really good things about this. It smells minty and really good
Peppermint Toothpaste-$2.49
Facial cleansing pads-$3.99 I used one last night and they smell very strongly of tea tree, so if you don't like that smell you probably won't like these. It felt very refreshing on my skin, though.
I also grabbed a little bouquet of flowers, just because. They were $3.99. 

What are your favorite TJs items??

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