Monday, July 23, 2018

Omaha Trip 2018

Last month, we met my Colorado family in Omaha for a long weekend! 
My brother, his wife, my 2 nieces and my mom were all able to come out. We got an airbnb for Thursday-Sunday and set up camp for the weekend. 
We left Thursday afternoon after my husband got off work and made the 4 hour drive. Everyone was already there when we arrived, and it was almost bedtime, so the kids all reacquainted with their cousins and then it was off to bed. 

After the kids went to bed, my mom, SIL and I went to Walmart to try to find long sleeves for the kids because it was going to be COLD the next day and we were heading to the zoo! Crazy. I luckily found 2 light sweatshirts for the girls on clearance (pretty sure it was the only 2 long sleeved things in the entire store) and some capri leggings. They had NOTHING for boys, so we just brought them blankets. 
Friday morning, we got breakfast and headed for the zoo! Omaha Zoo is supposedly the best in the country. It is a great zoo! The last time we went the girls were 3 months and 1 1/2 so it had been awhile. 
We had such a fun day exploring the zoo with the family. The kids were at great ages for the zoo. I always forget those things are so much work for us as parents. Keeping track of all the kids and making sure everyone is safe. I feel like I'm doing constant mental head counts and my eyes are constantly darting around making sure we haven't lost a kid! But it was a ton of fun. We did all the typical stuff, saw just about all the animals, I think, and did a train ride. 

After the zoo, we found a Jason's Deli on the way home and I was SO happy. I worked there in high school and am still obsessed with it, but we have none close by. 

Saturday we spent playing around the house most of the morning. We got Krispy Kreme because we don't have it and when you're close you have to have it.

 The kids had a ton of fun playing in the yard and house together.
We also went and walked the BOB bridge and stood on Iowa & Nebraska at the same time.

That afternoon, when the little ones got up from naps, we headed to The Amazing Pizza Machine. It's like a Chuck E Cheese on steroids. The place was insane and so much fun. They have a full all you can eat buffet (pizza, pasta, salad, baked potato bar, nachos, tacos, slushies, desserts, etc.) They have the typical arcade games, but also have rides, go karts, bumper cars, and more. They have several themed dining rooms you can choose to eat in, and a play place for the kids. I am not even sure if we made it around the entire place and we were there for about 5 hours. 

Sunday we got up and got the house ready to check out, got everything packed up and headed out to find a park. We played at the park for just a little while until the Omaha Children's Museum opened. I had heard they had a temporary Ninja Turtles exhibit, so I knew we had to go. My kids are obsessed. 
The museum was awesome! So much fun stuff to explore, a little cafe, and of course the turtles exhibit, which was almost the entire upstairs. The kids had a ton of fun playing, we did  a little Ninja Turtle team challenge, had lunch, rode the carousel, did face painting, explored the exhibits, and just enjoyed our last few hours together. 

 Have you really ever seen anyone happier about life than Z at this exact moment?

We left around 3 or 4:00 to head back home. 
The weekend flew by and it was too short, but it was a lot of fun. Always so good to spend time with them and for the kids to see their cousins! Until next time. 

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