Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Summer Day In The Life 2018

I love doing day in the life posts, and looking back at my last one, it was almost a year ago! It feels like I just did one, but this year I did several homeschool day in the life instagram stories, so maybe that's why it feels like it. I definitely need to document some of our days once the school year hits! (For past day in the life's click here!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
7:45 My first child is awake and my husband is getting ready to leave for work. We had family in town until yesterday and have been going to bed late and I couldn't get to sleep last night so we have a slow morning. We kind of lazy around in bed for awhile as the kids wake up. 
8:45 I finally get out of bed, put a show on for the kids in my room and hop into the shower. 
9:15 I am getting breakfast ready for the kids, helping the boys get dressed, etc. 
9:30 Breakfast! 
10:00 The kids are working on their morning chores (emptying the dishwasher, feeding the dog, brushing their teeth, making beds, etc.)

10:15 I sneak downstairs with my protein shake and start to work on some school prep for our upcoming year while the kids finish up their chores and then start playing (hide n seek).

10:40 Rush to get the girls ready for swim lessons. I am running behind due to having a discipline issue with one of my little ones, so I rush through pulling their hair back and getting sunscreen on them. 
11:00 Swim lessons for the girls

12:00 We are home and doing the crazy lunch time rush. Over the next hour I: 
  • fix lunch for the boys and get them eating (they need an early nap because they have speech this afternoon)
  • Get the girls in the shower 
  • Get swim towels hung up to dry
  • Wash the girls' hair
  • Switch the laundry over to the dryer
  • Get lunch for the girls and get them out of the shower
  • Make lunch for myself
  • Get the boys down for a nap
  • Eat
  • Load the breakfast dishes into the dishwasher
  • Clean up the kitchen from lunch

1:00 I need to place a couple of online orders (Tubby Todd and Vitacost) so I spend some time doing that
1:30 I get myself a little more ready-curl my hair quickly and such
Fold the laundry and get it put away 
Clean up a few things around the house
2:00 I run downstairs to grab what I had printed earlier for the school year and start working on getting science binders ready for the girls. I make a list of the few supplies we still need that I didn't get when we shopped last week, and get some stuff hole punched and put together. 
2:15 I have the girls get ready to leave for speech (grab their tablets and headphones, go to the bathroom, grab their snack and get their shoes on) while I wake the boys up. 
2:22 We are out the door (we live about 3 minutes away from speech, thankfully!) and I need to drop a package at the UPS store, which is right next to speech. 
2:30 Speech for the boys. They take turns going back with their therapist while the rest of us wait in the waiting room. I start on this post, the girls get tablet time, and my boys take turns playing with the toys in the waiting room.

3:30 We are done with speech and need to get groceries from Walmart pickup that I placed last night. 
3:45 Get to Walmart along with every other person who placed an order for that time frame.
4:00 Home and inside. I have the kids start picking up because we are hosting Life Group tonight, so we all do that around the house. 
4:40 My husband gets home, I am about to vacuum and realize I left the groceries in the van!
4:50 Doing a little work on the computer and getting ready to cook dinner. 
5:15 Dinner! Going easy with tacos for Taco Tuesday (which my husband ended up fixing)! (One of the very few meals all 4 of my kids will eat without complaint!)
5:45 Getting cleaned up from dinner, and finishing getting the house ready for Life Group
6:20 Life group people start arriving. We are hosting this month, so we have kids in the basement with a couple babysitters, and we are upstairs. Going through Psalm 23 together.
8:15 Finish up with Life group
8:20 Get the boys down for bed while the girls eat a snack and get themselves ready.
8:30 I get the girls down for bed, while my husband runs back to work to grab his computer. After I get the girls to bed, I take another quick shower because I feel gross from sitting outside at swim lessons earlier so I just rinse off. Then time to relax for the evening! 

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