Monday, August 6, 2018

1st Day of School | 2018-2019 | Homeschool

We started school today!!
Yes, it's a little early. Our weather is usually gross in August, so I figured we may as well start school when we'd rather be inside anyway, and then take a few weeks off in the fall when the weather here is perfect! We'll see how that plan works out :) We may also be able to be done in late April/early May this way, so we can enjoy the spring weather, too! 
I had one starting Kindergarten, and one starting 1st grade! (Both are using the same curriculum.)

The girls were very excited to start today. I was, too! 
Our first day was pretty simple. We started on math, which was a review from last year, so really easy and short. 
For language arts today, I just went over how we will work things this year, since it will be different from last year and I wanted them to understand what we're doing before we jumped into it. 
Then we moved into Bible, and followed that with read aloud. 
The boys played nicely in the family room while we did school, which helped everything to go smoothly. (I know it won't be like this every day ;) 

After that, we started science, which was really fun!
I asked the girls if they wanted to do an art project, and they both said yes, so we finished up with drawing a backpack from this video (we LOVE this YouTube channel)! 

That was it! Looking forward to a great year, I really think it's going to be a good one! 
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