Saturday, August 11, 2018

Welcome to Our Home!

My friend Callie has been doing room tours of her house and today when I was deep cleaning our entry way, I thought 'hey, I should join in!' So, here I am! What better time to take pictures of an area of your home than right after it's been cleaned/decluttered, right?! 
I want to start sharing more photos of our home as we get rooms complete, and the entry way has been done for a long time, so this seems like a great place to start. 
If you came over for dinner and knocked on the front door, here is what you'd see when I opened it...
To the left of the front door is a long window, and this cabinet. I got the cabinet for a steal on black Friday last year, before we had even moved into the house. I hoped it would look good here, and thankfully it fits perfectly. 

 I change out the decor on top and in the little cubbies seasonally, which has been really fun. 
The real reason I got this cabinet is function. I was looking for a shoe storage solution for my kids. At our last house, shoes ended up allllll over the place and drove me nuts. I wanted to corral them, and this has been the perfect solution. Since it sits right inside our entry way, the kids have their shoes inside the doors, and there's never any reason for them to wear shoes in the house, or to lose shoes. It's also nice when we're getting ready to leave because instead of going to get shoes and getting distracted, they just pop their shoes on on the way out the door. It has worked out great! I got some bins from Target which fit perfectly inside. I know this solution won't work forever as their shoes get bigger and they don't all fit in here, but for now I absolutely love it! 
Beautiful, functional decor is my favorite. 

If you would go to the right, behind the front door, I have a shoe tray for guests shoes (or kids boots in the winter), and coat hooks for the kids (which is bare right now because it's summer, but in the winter, trust me, it gets jam packed). 
The mirror was a random buy when we were at Home Depot right around the time we moved. They had it deeply discounted and I liked the color and size, so I bought it, not knowing exactly where it would go. It fits exactly in that spot-if it were even 1/16 of an inch bigger it wouldn't have fit! Meant to be. And it's the exact same gray as the cabinet.

It's hard to photograph the whole space, but you can get a feel for it in the picture below. We also have a coat closet in the same area, which is really convenient. We have 3 sets of stairs off of the entry way, 2 going up and 1 down. 

I love all of the natural light that comes in from the windows, the large space for a lot of people to come in at the same time, the high ceiling which makes it feel even bigger, and the easy to clean tile.
I have thought of adding a wooden sign above the closet and garage door, but I'm not sure it needs it and I haven't found just the right thing. Other than that, besides changing out the decor on the cabinet seasonally, this is how it'll stay!
Thanks for stopping by!
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