Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I have lots of posts in my mind that I need to sit down and write (hopefully I'll be able to carve out some time soon) but for today, nothing too heavy. Just a little bit of random, which is sometimes the best.

making:: a mental list of things I want to do while we have the next couple weeks off of school.

cooking:: mexican chicken in the crockpot.

drinking:: nothing, but craving a warm cup of hot chocolate!

reading:: I'm trying to get through the book Little Bee. Can't decide yet if I like it. Also reading Messy Grace with my husband, and have Adopted For Life and Woke Church up next when we finish that.

wanting:: to turn on the fire place, but pretty sure my husband shut it off for summer. Time to get it going again!

looking:: at my kids playing nicely. One reading a book, and two playing sweetly, while one is upstairs with the speech therapist.

playing:: googly eyes! We played it last night with the girls and it was a lot of fun, but man those glasses make it really hard to see! 

wasting:: ? I can't think of anything I'm wasting right now. I guess that's a good thing.

wishing:: the weather was always this perfect!

enjoying:: our time off from school. This is why we started so early-so we could take time off in the fall!

waiting:: on my buddy to get done with speech so we can go play at the library!

liking:: the way I've been studying the Bible lately. It has been helping me SO much with really digging in and studying and learning Truth.

wondering:: about some church things. We recently moved to a new church and are still getting to know people/the church, and it's that weird in between of not yet knowing how things work there, but also being excited to be there. Which leaves me with a lot of wondering :) 

loving:: some of the really good conversations I've been able to have with my husband lately. Mostly re: spiritual growth. They've all been really good & helpful and I love talking to him.

hoping:: for this weather to continue so I can keep wearing sweatshirts, drinking hot cocoa and eating soup!

marveling:: at what God has done recently in our family. It has been so, so good and I'm really grateful.

needing:: to brush my hair. I didn't have time this morning before the girls supervising teacher and boys speech therapist came over. I like to keep their expectations low when they come to our house ;) 

smelling:: new clothes. I bought & couldn't wait to wear the sweatshirt I have on now, so it hasn't been washed yet and honestly smells so good.

wearing:: a super comfy sweatshirt from Target (size up 1-2 sizes if you want a loose comfy fit-TTS is pretty fitted), and yoga pants. We had no real commitments today so we're all dressed comfy and casual.

noticing:: how good of readers my girls are becoming! Their fluency has really boomed the last few months. They were reading with their supervising teacher this morning and it gave me a chance to just sit back and watch/listen and it was a "WOW" moment! I'm so proud of them!

knowing:: that my kids are happy & healthy is one of the best feelings.

thinking:: about what my husband is having for lunch. He has free lunch at work cooked by a professional chef (jealous) and I have to live vicariously through him.

bookmarking:: some curriculum stuff I found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

opening:: a notepad to figure out schedules for activities for kids. It's already getting hard to fit everything in.

feeling:: happy! It's been a good couple weeks off of school and just enjoying life with my family :) 

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