Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Twin Boys Shared Room

My boys' room is one of my favorite spaces in our house, because it's just simple and sweet. 
I've found some statement pieces that appeal to both them and me, but it generally stays very clutter free because there just isn't stuff to become cluttered in there, and I really like that. It's what I would ideally really like for our entire house, but most of the other rooms in our house just have more stuff than this. Being in their room just brings me a lot of joy and makes me feel at ease, and I like that feeling. 
When I was dreaming up what I wanted for their room, I had a lot of different ideas but I ultimately decided to go with a black & white theme. I thought that it would give a streamlined, simple, classic look while also being able to find things we liked to fit in. I also have a kiddo with some sensory needs, so keeping it basic was important for that reason as well-not much to overwhelm him when he's in there. 
For now, we are doing floor beds with them. We were just switching them out of cribs when we moved into this house and wanted to see how they would do, and it has worked out really well having their beds on the floor. My boys are boys and are really hard on things, so it's just less furniture for them to destroy ;) We have toyed with the idea of building little pallet beds or something in the future. 
So, welcome to my sons' room!

This was a verse I prayed over the boys a lot when they were in foster care and we were quite literally fighting the system. The whole chapter of Exodus 14 was very comforting to me and reminded me of Who is in control. Read it if you haven't :)

That's pretty much it! They have a dresser in their closet, and most of their toys are in the play area we have in our basement. 
Thanks for checking it out! Is there any space in our house you'd like to see next? I am trying to get around to photographing rooms now that a lot of them are complete! We're working on our master now, so hopefully I'll have that done and can share it soon! 

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