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2018 Recap

2018 was a great year! It was the first year that we've been settled into our family dynamic of 6. Ever since we got married 10 years ago, our family has been changing. Either trying to grow it, being pregnant, having a new baby, doing foster care, or waiting on adoption. Every year, we never knew what our family would look like by the end of the year. 2018 was the first year that we knew (Lord willing) that we'd start and end the year with the 6 of us. It was really nice to just rest in that this past year and grow together as a family after the long foster and adoption process. I used to do recaps every year, but it's been several years now since I've done one. I thought it would be fun to look back at the past year, and to look at some goals and plans for the year ahead (that post is coming soon)! 

The biggest thing that happened this month was that we moved! We closed on our new home January 2 and moved the following weekend. We spent most of that month hunkered down, getting unpacked and settled into the new house, and getting the old house cleared out and ready for the new owner. 

My sons turned 3 in January so we celebrated with a family party! 

We said our final goodbye to our old house, where our family grew from 4-6. Lots of sweet and hard memories in those walls. 

We hosted a super bowl party at our new house and had so much fun being able to host a gathering again (the first of many in 2018!!) something we had missed so much at our previous house.

The girls went on their annual daddy daughter date night near Valentine's Day-one of their favorite things each year! 

My husband turned 30 and was in like a pre mid life crisis about it, so I don't think we did a whole lot (by his choosing). 

This one is super random, but we finally got our custom made table and the only reason I'm including this is because 1) it was the first area in the house that I got completely finished (but we needed the table for the electrician to hang the light and to know where we should hang the clock, so we were waiting on it!) and 2) it was so nice to have a table that actually fit our whole family again, PLUS a place we could host and gather with other people and we just did so much life around this table over the past year! 

My dad came to visit for my middle's birthday and we had a fun long weekend.

My girl turned FIVE which is still hard to believe! We celebrated with a birthday breakfast with the grandparents, and pedicures for the girls. She had a party the following weekend!

My mom came to visit, and we all went out to brunch for Gramps' birthday.

We celebrated Easter! 

We went to the circus!

We finally enjoyed some nice weather and could actually be outside (it was a loooooong winter!) 

The girls started field games, which was so much fun for them. 

My mom came into town again and we went to one of the pottery painting places! 

We went on a girl's afternoon to see Pippi Longstocking, the play. 

We also went to see my mom's play, Tom Sawyer!

We took our giant bicycle train out for the first time of the year ;) 

My biggest girl cut TONS of hair off and got the cutest little spunky cut that fit her personality perfectly!

My oldest had her first "school" music performance (for the classes she attends once per week) and it was the cutest. 

We took a family trip out East. We hit Atlanta and saw the Georgia Aquarium, and spent the rest of our trip on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. 

We celebrated Mother's Day with a lowkey day with my favorites.

The boys finished up their first year of preschool.

We finished up our homeschooling year.

My husband bought a motorcycle (again) that he is very proud of & the kids are very excited about sitting on. 

We went to visit some of our favorite friends over Memorial Day weekend. 8 kids, 4 adults, 2 dogs & 2 guinea pigs in one house for the weekend-it was a party! Lots of fun was had! 

Those same friends came and stayed with us a few weeks later while they were in town for a wedding, so we got to enjoy some more time together!

CJ had her first big spring dance recital! She danced to "Tomorrow" from Annie, and was the cutest dancer ever.

The girls took a Swamp Slime class at a nature center. They fished for tad poles, got to hold a frog and snake, and made slime! 

The girls started a several week long painting class and came home with lots of fun creations! 

Both boys came down with (separate) cases of cellulitis, so we spent some time in doctor's offices getting that figured out and taken care of. 

We celebrated our favorite guy on Father's Day! 

We traveled to Omaha to meet up with my family for a long weekend! 

The girls did a one day slumber party dance camp that they loved! 

We went out of town for a weekend with some friends for our annual "adult sleepovers" trip! 

The girls took and crushed swim lessons. 

 My Texas family came to visit!

I turned 31! 

The girls & I did a week of VBS. 

My oldest was baptized!!!

We started our homeschool year in early August. Kindergarten & 1st grade this year! 

Probably this biggest change for our family this year was changing churches after 12 years at our previous church. A very hard decision that we had been praying on for about a year. August (and really the rest of the year) was a huge month of change because of this. It has been a hard, but really good change.

We ventured on our final trip of the year and spent the last day of the month in Indianapolis! 

We spent the rest of Labor Day weekend on our trip to Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky. We saw the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, Indianapolis Children's Museum and downtown Cincinnati. 

The boys started a new year of preschool!

I had gum surgery after putting it off for at least 6 months. It was rough.

The girls started their weekly homeschool class up again. 

We celebrated 1 year as an official family of 6! 

We had some other dear friends come visit from Oklahoma and spend a long weekend with us! 

My oldest turned 7, and she opted instead of a party this year to spend a day at the amusement park. It was a blast! 

We went bowling (among other things) on her actual birthday. 

My dad came to visit again! 

We went on a field trip with the homeschool group to the pumpkin patch! 

My husband went to a men's retreat with our new church, and we survived the weekend without him (I'm still traumatized from when he used to travel, so this was a big deal). 

My oldest started back with gymnastics. 

We did lots of fun halloween events. 

We flew to Texas (the boys first time on an airplane!) for Thanksgiving. 

We spent a couple of days in Galveston and then headed back to Houston. 

My husband & I got to sneak away for a night while the kids stayed with their grandparents & auntie. Much needed! 

My oldest was stung (bit??) by an asp caterpillar which was TERRIFYING. It doesn't look so bad in this picture but it was so, so scary. 
Went to see John Crist with friends!

Went to a trivia night for foster care with some other friends!

Went on a field trip to a local dairy.

Hosted a Christmas movie night for my connection group girls. 

Went to a Christmas party at Daddy's work. 

Went on a field trip to the library.

Had our annual drive to see the synchronized light show in pj's w/ hot cocoa! 

Made a gingerbread train with Daddy (this is not a mommy activity lol)

My middle love got her very first haircut!! 

She also had her winter dance recital and danced as a nutcracker mouse! 

Both girls sang at Barnes and Noble with their homeschool group.

Did some Christmas baking for neighbors and coworkers. 

Celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage! 

Celebrated Christmas Eve with family!

Slept by the fire on Christmas Eve :)

Had such a fun Christmas with the kids! 

Celebrate New Year's Eve with friends!
(holy cow, December was busy!) 

In 2018 we checked 7 more states off of our list! 38 states to go & about 11 more years! 
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Texas
We are looking forward to another full and wonderful year ahead! What is your favorite memory from 2018? 

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