Wednesday, January 16, 2019

2019 Goals & Plans

Some years I have set goals, some years I have done a word for the year, I've done resolutions and I've done nothing some years. It kind of just varies on where I'm at, and what I want to focus on that year. 
This year, I have a random mash up of things. I enjoy setting goals monthly, because I feel like it's a little more attainable for. I usually have no idea what my life is going to be like 8 months from now, so setting yearly goals sometimes feels unmanageable. But, I can usually look over the next 30 days and set some goals that I can actually accomplish. This year, that feels best for me. I think month to month my goals might change a little bit, but there are some things I'd generally like to be focusing on and will probably make goals for each month: 
  • Workout goals-I have aimed in the past for around 10 workouts per month. Not overwhelming or if I get sick or something, I can still meet the goal, and if I get more, great! We have a YMCA membership this year, so I may set goals for how many classes I want to make it to each month, or something similar.
  • Faith based-this might be memorizing a chunk of scripture, reading my bible a certain number of times, or something based on prayer. 
  • Books-I think this year I am going to generally aim to read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month, just to keep it simple.
  • Family- I will probably focus on things like family nights, date nights, one on one time with the kids, etc.
  • Financial- This will probably really vary month to month, but it could be anything from saving a certain amount that month, to not overspending in a certain category if I have been the previous months. 
  • Goodwill- Last year I really tried to have our family grow as givers, both physically giving things or money where there's a need, but also giving of our time and talents. I might try to set a goal with this just to make sure it doesn't fall by the wayside, but I may also just let it happen organically where there's a need. 
  • Personal- I am not great at taking care of myself, so this could be anything from styling a couple new outfits to taking care of my skin better that month to scheduling a night off to blog or read or just lounge.

The word that I keep thinking of when I think about this year and all that is to come is pursue. I want to be intentional in my pursuit of certain things this year. I want to really be pursuing the relationships I have. Building into them, and not just taking them for granted. I want to love my people well this year. 
I also want to be pursuing wisdom, Christ & truth more. 

The verse I am focusing on right now, and want to continue building my life around this year is: 

This is partially where my pursuit for wisdom, Christ & truth comes from. I want to really be letting the word dwell in me, not just reading it and forgetting about it and moving on with my day. Rather, I want it to permeate my soul, overflowing out of me in my character and actions. When I teach or admonish others, whether it be my children, friends, whoever, I would want it to be done only in wisdom, based on truth. This is something I really want to focus on and work on this year, especially with my kids. It's easy to just quickly correct them and move on, but how much would we all grow if I base it in wisdom and truth and let those be the reasons for my correction? And finally, I want to worship God more this year. I want to sing to Him and about Him when I'm alone, when I'm in the car, when I'm with my family. I want to praise Him and glorify Him through my voice, my actions, my heart, and my life. Of course, continue in thankfulness to Him. This is something I focused a lot on in the last year or so, and it has really changed my prayer life. 

As far as my blog, I have set goals for it in the past. A few years ago, I had a goal to blog once a week and I really enjoyed that. It was do-able without feeling like too much, and it allowed me to sit down each week and have this as a creative outlet and kind of a stress reliever sometimes, which was nice. This year, one thing I want to try is doing a monthly recap. I usually do some recaps in the summer because we have so much going on, and it's always really fun to look back at them and see what we did those summers. I also really enjoy doing a recap at the end of the year, but sometimes it's really hard to remember everything that happened that year, so I was thinking that if I do a quick recap at the end of every month, it would give me the ability to look back and see the little things that happened here and there that may not deserve a blog post of their own, without being stressful to try to remember what we did. 
I'm sure I will blog about other things as well, but I am going to try to keep up on those recaps each month this year! 

So that's pretty much it for 2019! I am expectant for another full, wonderful year!  
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