Saturday, February 23, 2019

January 2019

Well I'm not off to the best start with my 2019 recaps! I mentioned in my goals & plans for 2019 post that I wanted to try recapping each month after it happens, so that I can remember some of the smaller things. I have not been able to get my phone to connect to our computer to dump pictures, which has put me way behind with a lot of picture heavy blog posts, so that is part of the reason! So, here is January 2019! 

We started the month off with a visit from my mom. We had Christmas with her while she was here, and the kids had lots of fun playing with her for a few days. 

My oldest finally lost one of her top teeth, which had been wiggly for a very long time! I am honestly sad about this...I feel like when kids get their adult front top teeth in is when they really start to look grown up and I'm not ready for that, but she sure looks cute!
We had a few days of weather that was nice enough to go outside, which is unheard of for us in January (and we had no snow yet!)...
...then the snow hit. And it has not stopped since. We have been getting dumped on every few days, inch after inch. I actually love the snow, but it's just been way too much. We had a week where temps hit -50 degrees. Yes, negative, yes, Fahrenheit! It was rough. We are looking forward to spring! But we have had some fun in the snow!

We went sledding with some friends right before the polar vortex hit, and I think it was below zero with the wind chill, so it was just a little too cold to be super fun, but it was still somewhat enjoyable ;) and certainly fun to spend a Saturday together making memories.
We celebrated a couple of big boys turning 4! We had lots of birthday celebrations throughout the week, but on their actual birthday we went swimming, out to eat and then to the big indoor playscape that they love. I think they would say it was their ideal day.

The weekend after their birthday we had a small construction party at our house. We had breakfast and a couple activities, but mostly they just enjoyed playing with their friends.

Other than those highlights, January was mostly spent hunkering down, staying out of the cold, hoping classes & activities wouldn't be cancelled (they basically all were...)-lots of game nights, movie nights and a lot of time together as a family which was great! Tony & I had a few events also, but I have no pictures so you'll just have to take my word for it, ha! 

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