Sunday, March 17, 2019

February 2019 Recap

February was one of those super fast/long months! It flew by in some ways, but since we were quite literally freezing, it also went by very slowly. 
I started off February taking a watercolor class with some of my dance mom friends! I am super not artistic, but it was a lot of fun and I learned some new things! 
We got a random warm day, and did hours of sledding with some friends! 
We hosted a super bowl party at our house. (The only pictures I have from this are the ones from when kids stole my phone and took pictures...)
We had movie night!
My husband & I left the kids with my in laws and went to Florida for a long weekend for a high school friend's wedding! 
I got to see my oldest friend and her new baby there. Uncle Tony got to spend lots of time with the baby, which as you can see, he clearly hated ;) 

And of course we celebrated the bride & groom like crazy. It was an incredibly beautiful weekend & the ceremony was amazing.

My biggest lost her 2nd top front tooth while we were gone!
I got to attend parent participation week at dance and it was SO much fun! 
My husband turned 31! We had a game night planned, but had to cancel due to a sick kid (who didn't end up being sick in the sad.)
My oldest had an eye appointment and found out she just barely needs glasses to see distance. Since we homeschool, she won't need to wear them nearly as much as if she was at school every day trying to see the whiteboard. 
That was February! Lots of great memories made! 
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