Saturday, July 27, 2019

Decorah, IA trip

In April, we went on a little weekend getaway to Decorah, IA area. The place we stayed was in an itty bitty town nearby and we stayed in a VRBO rental cabin that was amazing. It was exactly what we needed to get away after a long winter, and just to spend time together as a family! 

We determined this was the best rental house we'd ever stayed in. It had everything we needed, was SO clean, and the updates were beautiful. The beds were sooo comfy (I honestly wanted to flip the mattress to see what kind it was!) and the owners were incredibly helpful and friendly. It was just perfect. (If you're local, and want the listing, I can send it to you!)

It was just a couple hour drive for us so we went over Easter weekend and got in Thursday evening. We just got settled in and grabbed dinner at a little hole in the wall local joint in the town the cabin was in. 
We've reached the point of bringing a book everywhere we go...just like her dad was as a kid! 

Friday we got up and went into Decorah for breakfast. Had a great meal at another local place and then went on a hike to find this little waterfall. The kids had SO much fun on this hike, and it was just the right length (I think about a mile each way). We stopped tons on the way to look at different things and the kids played a super hero game where CJ was "Waterfall Majestic" and she had a special call we had to do if we needed her help finding the way to the waterfall. All the little sweet memories I want to hang on to through the years. 

The weather was absolutely perfect for hiking! It was mid 60's and sunny with a light breeze. It started out a little chilly in the morning but warmed up as we went on, and ended up just being so beautiful. 

Back at the cabin, we just enjoyed relaxing, exploring the land, and flying kites which is always one of those activities with kids that makes you question why you thought it would be a good idea, but in the end everyone had fun! 

That night we roasted hot dogs & did s'mores and just played outside and sat by the campfire! 

The sunsets there were incredible.

Photos never do a beautiful sunset justice.

Saturday morning we had breakfast, played around the land some more, packed up and headed off for town.

We wanted to go to this ice cave that we read about, but when we got there it was SO icy that there's no way the kids could go in. My husband went in a little ways and slid down to a corner, so there's really no way that we could have gotten the kids in and out. It was still cool to see!

We found another cool waterfall and nature area right near there so we explored that.

They crossed over a very clearly marked threshold and climbed over a railing to get this terrifying shot..... #dads

We stopped and had ice cream for lunch at the Sugar Bowl in Decorah which was the CUTEST little ice cream shop, then we headed home! 

 We got home in time to relax Saturday evening before Easter Sunday, and it was just the best weekend away. A good reminder that all of our travels and trips don't have to be big huge vacations far away, but that we can have really meaningful time together just a few hours from home in a little cabin!

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