Thursday, July 25, 2019

March 2019 Recap

Wow. Well, I started off the year strong with blogging. I had good intentions, but have been having computer problems and haven't been able to get my pictures onto a computer (long, frustrating situation). I finally invested in a new laptop, got all my photos from the last year and a half moved over, and now we are good to go! The next few posts will definitely be some catch ups, but hopefully now that I have access to a computer where I can get photos, I will be able to stick with it better!

March started off very fun! The kids' cousins had just moved about 4-5 hours away from us (which is much closer than the previously 12 hours they used to live!) so we are now able to see each other a lot more often (used to be once a year, if we were lucky!) So their cousins, aunt & uncle came out for the March birthday and party! The kids had a ton of fun together, as usual.
My middle babe turned S-I-X (crazy!) and she wanted a big swimming party, so we did just that and it was so fun. We did it at a local gym and it was such a good, easy party! 

The next day, on her actual birthday, we went to church, brunch at IHOP, and then to a trampoline park we had never been to before, before the cousins headed home. It was such a fun, full day/weekend!

I took a break from social media for several weeks, so I think I just naturally didn't have my phone around as much and then didn't take as many pictures, so I know we did a lot more in March that I just don't have documented. 
We took an unintentional spring break, because lots of friends were off of school so we had lots of fun things going on and just took the whole week off.
We spent a day down at the natural history museum and had lunch with friends after, which was a lot of fun. 

We went to a Nerf wars party, which was a ton of fun and all the kids had a blast!

We finally had a few nice days after a very long winter, so we took advantage of those for sure!

I ended the month at a women's retreat with my church in Galena, IL which was such a nice, refreshing time away. Lots of growth happened there and it was a great time away!

Next Up: April!
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