Thursday, October 24, 2019

Homeschool Day in the Life

This year (2019-2020) we have made more of an effort to actually start school around the same time each day (9:00), which most days means I have to wake at least one of my kids up in order for them to get breakfast eaten and some morning "chores" done before we begin school. This is the first year I've cared what time we start (years past we have always just started when everyone was up and ready) and it has helped a lot with routine! However, this day does not reflect that. I did let some kids sleep in this day because they have had a busy few days, so we got started around 10 instead. But this is what a normal homeschool morning looks like for us this year! My girls are in 1st and 2nd grade, and my boys are 4 years old. (All of our curriculum for this year can be found in this post...I'm not going to link them all here!) 

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

9:15- Breakfast. After breakfast the kids get going on their morning checklists, which have things like unloading the dishwasher, making beds, getting dressed, brushing teeth, etc. This helps them get themselves and the house ready for the day. They can do most of this on their own (I do everyone's hair and my boys need help brushing their teeth and getting shirts down). They can generally get everything done in about 20 minutes.

9:45-While the kids are finishing up their check lists, I remember that I need to get the slow cooker going for dinner because we have dance tonight, so I get that ready, then clean up the kitchen after breakfast once the dishwasher is unloaded and everyone is out of the kitchen. 

10:05- Finally starting school. We start with Bible. Today is our "lesson" day for the week which is the day where we really dig into the Bible for more insight on the answer to that week's catechism question. This week the question is "What does the law of God require?" We do the lesson, read in the Bible together, and have a short discussion answering some questions that came up as we read and talked. 

10:30- Science! We are rotating history & science this year and are currently on a science unit about pumpkins that has been a lot of fun. Today's plan is to make this "look inside a pumpkin" craft. I don't do a lot of crafts in my homeschool because I don't love them, I don't like the mess, and my kids all get crafts/art at school so I don't feel the need to. So this isn't the norm for us, but it was part of the unit and I decided it would be fun, and it would be good for me to stretch myself ;)

 During this time I am bouncing around from kid to kid helping with cutting & gluing where need be, and giving instructions. I feel like I do more than half the work (which is why I don't love crafts at this age), but the finished products are cute and the kids all learned a little more about pumpkins so it was worth it! 

11:00- Read Aloud & Handwriting. We are reading Little House in the Big Woods right now. Read aloud time is pretty short today because we need to get moving since we started late. We read about a chapter while the girls work on handwriting. My boys are playing at this point. 

11:15- Language Arts. My oldest sets a 20 minute timer for reading time, and her brother joins her, so she is reading aloud to him, which is fine with me. She'll also work on spelling independently.

 I work with my middle during this time on her spelling, sight words, phonics (takes 5-10 minutes total for all of those....just quick review) and then move onto her course book. It is a fairly short lesson today with mostly reading and she's a very fast reader so we fly through it pretty easily. 

11:40- We swap. They don't always finish up at the same time, but it's usually pretty close. So now my middle is working on her independent reading and spelling, and I'm working with my oldest on spelling, sight words, phonics & course book (same lesson). 

12:05- My oldest moves on to math while my middle is just finishing up her last bit of spelling. Math is on the computer this year, so they watch the lesson on their own, and ask if they need my help during questions. Sometimes I sit with them if I know it's a harder concept. Today, I have a phone call at 1:00 so I need to get lunch going early, so I head upstairs to fix lunch for myself and the girls (the boys eat at school). 

12:10-My middle gets done with language arts, and wants to get her math done (aka not wait for the desktop) so I let her do math upstairs on my laptop while I cook. I am making scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. I decided that it always takes too long to fix for breakfast (we need fast & easy in the morning), so we've been having it for lunch sometimes instead. 

12:20- I'm done cooking and my oldest has just finished up math so she is playing with her brothers. I scarf my food and ask the girls if they want to eat, or wait until we get home. They both want to wait. My middle finishes up her math and then joins in on the playtime for a few minutes. 

12:30-My boys get ready to go to school. They go to the bathroom, grab their backpacks and coats, get their shoes on and load up in the van and we are off! 

12:45- We return home from dropping off the boys and the girls sit down to lunch while I prepare for my phone call. And that's our homeschool day! We skipped typing today since we were running behind, but they'll usually do that after math. We've really streamlined our schedule this year, I feel like. The girls are staying more on task, need less breaks, and we've figured out a schedule for subjects that flows better than years past, so it's working out great! Occasionally the girls are not finished up with their work by the time we need to leave to take the boys to school, and in that case they need to finish after we get home. I am usually cooking lunch at that time, so they'll bring it up to the dining room and work on whatever they're finishing (usually just math, but sometimes some reading too). That happens usually less than once per week, though. 

That's it! We spend the afternoon having some quiet time for the girls, I work on some things around the house after my phone call, and then onto dinner and dance! 

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