Monday, October 28, 2019

May 2019 Recap

May is always a good month around here! The weather is generally really nice, and there are so many fun things happening to wrap up the school year!

We had some really great last few days of school...

The girls had a music performance (which my pictures didn't turn out good because of the dark lighting) and an art show after the concert!

We started adventuring outdoors!

We got to go to a free baseball game, courtesy of my husband's work. The weather was PERFECT! So glad we went then, instead of in July!

My middle lost her first tooth!!!

Pre-recital rehearsals were in full force for the month!

We celebrated Mother's Day with church, a cozy day at home and a yummy dinner cooked by my husband and the kids!

We finished up our school year-Kindergarten & 1st grade in the books!

The boys had an adorable end of the year preschool program!

We had dance pictures (seriously, how adorable?!)

We took a road trip to Nebraska over Memorial Day for my niece's 6th birthday! She had a party at The Amazing Pizza Machine which is like Chuck E. Cheese on steroids (but seriously) and my kids LOVE it.

My husband spent a good chunk of the month working on putting stairs on our deck, which I have no in progress photos of, but it was a ton of work and time! He also got kind of seriously injured which I do have some gnarly pictures of, but I'll spare you ;) 

The boys finished up their 3/4 year old preschool year and their 2nd and last year in that program! Bittersweet.

We had an end of the year picnic for our homeschool classes and celebrated the retirement of the incredible woman who had been leading that program for decades!

We ate many, many meals out on the deck before it got too hot and too buggy!

And we wrapped up the month with our first fire pit date night of the season.

May was a busy, full, fun month! 

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