Thursday, October 10, 2019

Peanuts/Little House/Blog Layout/Stages of Motherhood

My oldest was diagnosed with a peanut allergy when she was about 18 months old. We were told it was extreme and the likelihood of her ever outgrowing it was slim to none. I haven't ever thought that she may not have to deal with this forever, until recently when she ingested something with peanuts and didn't have a reaction somehow. I got my hopes up for a few weeks until we had her retested, wondering if it was possible that she outgrew this. Both a skin and blood test showed that she has not outgrown it and that it is still severe. I was dreaming of all the peanuty things I could start making and eating and keeping in my house, but those dreams have died again and I'm back to accepting that she'll probably be highly allergic forever, and I love her and want to protect her WAY more than I love peanut butter. The allergist said she has no explanation as to why she didn't react, and I was sitting there thinking, I have a perfect explanation...God had His hand on her life!

We just started reading Little House in the Big Woods as our read aloud in our homeschool. Can you believe I never read this book growing up? I'm excited that I get to read it for the first time along with my kids! 

I would really like to revamp some things on my blog layout. Some of the topics in the bar at the top are not really things I've written about in the last few years, but things like homeschooling would be helpful to add. There are also some in-cohesive aspects as far as some colors and things that didn't get changed the last time I made some changes, and those are annoying me. But the thought of taking the time to change a lot of that stuff is overwhelming to me, which is why it's sat like that for a long time. I probably just need to carve out a few hours to do it, but those things never go as planned and always end up being a frustrating mess of looking up tutorials, trying to figure out why something won't change, and how to keep from accidentally deleting posts/elements I want to keep! I guess this is why people hire designers. 

My girls are both sick right now, and as I was doing some of their regular responsibilities for them (like unloading the dishwasher, and a few other simple daily tasks) I was thinking about how much more responsibility they really do have now! Just a few things here and there in our day that I took over for them made a big difference in my day. I'm grateful for all the ways they help out around the house, and for older kids who are able to take on more responsibility. It got me thinking about my years with little ones and how I just had to do SO much all day every day (not that I'm doing nothing now, but...) and how exhausting that could be sometimes. The phase we are in now is a different kind of exhausting (as I'm sure every stage of parenting will be) but I was thinking of all the moms of little ones (which is beyond weird to I really not a mom of little ones anymore? I mean, they're still little-ish, but no more toddlers! Almost all school aged and what good work you are doing every day and how I wish I would have been able to realize how much I was taking on during that phase and how drained I got sometimes. So, moms of little ones, give yourself a lot of grace during these years! There will come a day when your kids will empty the dishwasher, put away their laundry, clean their bathroom, feed the pets, and more. Both seasons are glorious in their own beautiful ways!

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