Friday, October 4, 2019

Writing/Friday Mornings/8/Time/Fall

I've been having an itch to write lately, to really write, not just blog memories or random things. I think somewhere along the way, I started to worry that I would say something wrong or offend people, or not explain myself well, or misexplain something from the Bible, so I stopped writing about anything other than my life. I've gotten over that some, but there's still a little anxiety with it swarming around when I think about really writing. I think it's because in our day and age, it seems like no one can put anything on the internet without people being up in arms about it and I just don't want to deal with that online, so I have avoided it. But I have things I want to say, so maybe now's the time to get over it and just write.
One of those topics is speaking the gospel into your kids & how it doesn't always go as planned, it's hard, and sometimes confusing. This was one of those weeks, and this page was such a sweet, sweet gift to read today after a hard, confusing parenting week!

Starting this fall, our family has tried to be really intentional with our weekly schedule and one of the things my husband & I added is getting up early on Friday mornings, having coffee and talking about what we've been learning in the Word that week and praying together. It has quickly become my favorite time in the week. It's been so special to wake up when it's still dark & all the kids are tucked away in their beds, and open the Word of God together. 

My oldest turned 8 last week. I have no idea how this keeps happening. Watching her grow is so bittersweet. I love seeing her personality come out, watching her figure out who she is and learning and growing, but my heart aches at how fast it is all going.

Speaking of time going by quickly, has 2019 been the fastest year of your life or just me? What is going on? Where has this year gone and how are we almost already to the end of it? 

It became fall here this week, and I'm here for it in all of the most basic ways. I am loving the cooler temps, warm drinks, comfy clothes, and leaves starting to change! Something about fall always just gets to me! So cozy and nostalgic for me every year! 

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