Tuesday, December 31, 2019

December 2019

December! And I'm actually writing it IN December!! 

The month started off with a little music program for the girls, that was really cute. It's so hard to get decent pictures at these things.

We were off to Houston shortly after that! I'll do a whole separate post for this, since I do like to document our trips. 

When we got back, we were fully immersed in the Christmas season! 
We did a Christmas lights night...
A girl's Christmas lunch & shopping...
And baked Christmas treats for the neighbors, which are all some of our favorite December traditions! 

My husband & I worked really hard on things in our master bedroom, and it's finally just about finished (2 years after we moved in), and I'm REALLY excited about that! 

The girls had a girl's overnight at their grandparents, and their annual fancy Christmas lunch with their great aunt & uncle, neither of which I have pictures of, unfortunately!

We celebrated our 11th anniversary!

We spent Christmas Eve with my in laws and extended family! 
Slept by the fire on Christmas Even night, per tradition.
And had a magical and cozy Christmas day at home! Temps were in the 50s, so we spent a ton of time outside, enjoying new gifts, playing games and eating good food together! 

We've spent the last week relaxing, playing with new toys and games, and getting our house back in order from the holidays. 

Happy New Year to you and yours! Here's to a great 2020! 

November 2019

I'm almost there!!! Only 1 more recap after this and then I promise I'll blog about other things!

November kicked off in full force with a youth conference at our church. We were a host home for 6th grade girls! They had the conference at the church and then had groups break up by grade and gender and stay at homes of families in the church, instead of going away for a conference. This allowed more kids to participate because it was cheaper and they could stay in town! So they slept at our house and ate some of their meals at our house. It was so much fun and we had the SWEETEST group of girls and their leaders! We loved getting to know them all! I loved having such a tangible way to serve as a family.
My mom came into town a few days after that, and we had a fun long weekend with her. 
We did a girls movie day while the boys were at school one afternoon.
The next day we went to the children's museum, and my mom got us a membership for the year as our Christmas gift! 
After the museum, we went out to a hibachi restaurant. The boys had never been and the girls went once when they were really little (and hated it!), so I was excited to see what they thought. Besides one kid not liking the food, they all loved it! The boys LOVE to cook, so they ooohed and ahhhed over the grill master and all of his skills and jokes. It was a lot of fun! 
The boys had their first "homework" which was adorable and their answers were so sweet.

My middle caught a snowflake on her tongue, which is notable because apparently this is something she has always wanted to do (so cute)!
We started reading Harry Potter with the girls. I've never read them, but my husband loved them as a kid. The girls have been loving reading it with us!
We had a field trip to the fire station.
We had another Brina & Caitie night (we eat pot pie, and then watch a movie with popcorn & m&ms....it's becoming a thing.)
I spent lots of time in the Word, which was so good. I love that my kids started to expect to find me in my room with an open Bible when they wake up!
We spent Thanksgiving day with my husband's extended family for the first time in 10 years! We are usually with my family on Thanksgiving. This picture was so bittersweet....she's going to be too big for this very soon. I love that she still wants to cuddle us and for us to hold her.
My husband made a fun scavenger hunt for the kids, that they thought was the best thing ever!
The scavenger hunt ended with them finding out we were taking them to Sky Zone,which was really the best thing ever! And that was November! 

October 2019

October started off with a "tailgate" party at my husband's work. Rain took us inside and our family watched 0% of the game, but there was good food, games, and fun! And facepaint for the kids, which was their most exciting part (well for 3/4 of them, at least)!

I went on a day trip with my precious friend Megan and we did some hiking and a lot of catching up! It was so good for my heart. Love any time I get with that one! 
We went on a field trip to the apple orchard with our homeschool group!

My middle got a 12 hour stomach bug deal, that luckily no one caught! I have never been so proactive with an illness, but I kept her completely separate and hit the natural remedies hard and everyone else stayed healthy!!

My husband went on a men's retreat and we had movie night with Caitie & Brina (not a great picture, but had to document). My kids looooooove Caitie & Brina nights!! 
The next day, we went out for hot cocoa and errands...it was a cold one for so early in the year!
That night the kids hung out with family and I went to dinner with some friends! 

We finished up the dad free weekend with lunch out after church. 
We started getting into the fall spirit and did some pumpkin carving, crafts, & experiments for science.

We had family pictures taken!

The halloween festivities started!
My husband and I had a conversation that broke our friends brains! But seriously! So many weird complexities to this topic and people are still talking to us about it! 
More Halloween fun...parties & trunk or treats.
The boys had their first school field trip! It was FRIGID.

We got 4-6" of snow and went trick or treating anyway! 
October was a busy one and weather wise was bizzare, but it was memorable and fun! 
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