Saturday, December 28, 2019

August 2019

August was another one of the months that flew by so fast! Between friends staying with us and a trip with friends for me, it was just passed quickly.

The kids hit the chiro for the first time in YEARS (first time ever for the boys!) and it's not become a regular part of our routine and one of their favorite days of the month. They love chiro day! 
We spent a ridiculous amount of time at the Y as I was trying to finish up a summer challenge and my oldest was practicing her basketball skills. The kids got to the point of begging me to go to the Y pretty much every day. I felt like we spent half our summer there! 
We had a connection group cookout where there was tree climbing, s'mores making, and lots of little ones running around.
We went to the petting zoo/farm. I begged my husband for a bunny, but sadly, he is allergic.
We had our annual college friend's playdate. (Hi, Molly!) Our group has grown by sooo many kids over the years! 
My oldest friend and her 2 kids came to visit us from Colorado! They stayed for a week and it was so special being with them. Our kids were fast friends! While they were here, we went swimming at the Y...
 Had lots of downtime, relaxing...
Went to the sweet corn festival...

Went to August's outdoor movie...
Spent lots of time, reading, playing & snuggling.

The kids finished swim lessons at the Y.
I went on a weekend trip to Door County, WI with 2 friends that was relaxing and just good to get away with them! 

The boys had back to school night and got to meet their teachers and see their classroom. 
The kids had a couple sessions of private swim lessons (we finally found someone who is affordable, skilled, and had openings!!!!) and they improved more in 2 weeks than they did in 2 years of group lessons. We'll be back next year (and I only have videos from this).

That was our summer! Packed full of sweet memories! 

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