Saturday, December 28, 2019

June 2019

June started off full force with me prepping for leaving the country. 
Before I left, I decided to chop most of my hair off, which I'd been thinking about for awhile. It was sad to say goodbye to all of that hair, but really nice to have less weight and heat for the summer! 

We did a family hike with my husband's company for the summer's corporate games they were part of.

We started finding frogs all over our yard, though not nearly as many as last year.
Before I left on my trip, I got to take my girl to dress rehearsal for recital, which I'm so grateful for, because I had to miss the big recital!

She also tried some new styles of dance at a different studio for summer, which was a big miss. 

I left for Texas, Hawaii & China.
Dance recital day came & she crushed it!
While I was away, my kids spent their days with my friend Megan and her son Dax, and they had such a fun time together! All kinds of adventures!

My oldest started basketball and loved it! 
We spent a lot of time at the library and reading for the summer reading program.
We spent one afternoon at the "beach".

We went blueberry and strawberry picking, and found that we much prefer picking blueberries! The day we went was insanely hot, but we had a lot of fun! The blueberry place was a family's little farmhouse and they had llamas and a compost toilet, so we had all kinds of fun and new experiences! 

We wrapped up the month at the pool on a day when it was way too hot to do anything besides wade in the water! The girls got too brave for my comfort on the big slides, and the boys and I hung out in the water playground area. 

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