Tuesday, December 31, 2019

October 2019

October started off with a "tailgate" party at my husband's work. Rain took us inside and our family watched 0% of the game, but there was good food, games, and fun! And facepaint for the kids, which was their most exciting part (well for 3/4 of them, at least)!

I went on a day trip with my precious friend Megan and we did some hiking and a lot of catching up! It was so good for my heart. Love any time I get with that one! 
We went on a field trip to the apple orchard with our homeschool group!

My middle got a 12 hour stomach bug deal, that luckily no one caught! I have never been so proactive with an illness, but I kept her completely separate and hit the natural remedies hard and everyone else stayed healthy!!

My husband went on a men's retreat and we had movie night with Caitie & Brina (not a great picture, but had to document). My kids looooooove Caitie & Brina nights!! 
The next day, we went out for hot cocoa and errands...it was a cold one for so early in the year!
That night the kids hung out with family and I went to dinner with some friends! 

We finished up the dad free weekend with lunch out after church. 
We started getting into the fall spirit and did some pumpkin carving, crafts, & experiments for science.

We had family pictures taken!

The halloween festivities started!
My husband and I had a conversation that broke our friends brains! But seriously! So many weird complexities to this topic and people are still talking to us about it! 
More Halloween fun...parties & trunk or treats.
The boys had their first school field trip! It was FRIGID.

We got 4-6" of snow and went trick or treating anyway! 
October was a busy one and weather wise was bizzare, but it was memorable and fun! 

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