Saturday, December 28, 2019

September 2019

September brought the start of school for us!

My middle had her first day of dance at her new studio. She's taking jazz, ballet & hip hop this year.
We went apple picking one weekend and it was beautiful weather for it!

The girls had their first day back at enrichment classes, which is always such a fun day for them.
The boys started helping their dad in the kitchen a TON which has become a favorite hobby of theirs!
My oldest turned EIGHT. I'll spare you all the comments about how this is impossible.
We had donuts, went to the children's museum and ice cream to celebrate! That night was more fun at dance.

The boys started an intro to sports class (which I don't think I have any pictures of because my husband took them every week) where they learned the basics of t-ball, soccer, football and basketball. They had so much fun!

For my daughter's birthday party she wanted to do a ninja training party. We had a fun obstacle course planned, but there was a chance of rain and we didn't want to risk it + the yard was soaked from previous rain, so we set up a smaller course in the front and also did painting. All the kids had a blast! 

The cousins came for the weekend for the birthday party, so we also had a super fun weekend spending time with them! (Have I mentioned that we are LOVING having them closer?!?)
September was a good one! 

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