Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Happy List

I asked  my girls today to tell me one good thing. And it made me think about some good things in my own life. I love making happy lists, and it's probably something I should do more often. Sometimes taking a minute to think about the simplest little think can bring a lot of happiness in any given moment! So here are some things that are making me smile today.

Vacation planning

Our winter science unit {find it here}

Community/Solid friendships

Hot tea

Trader Joe's

Cousin visits

Date night 

Organizing an area that's needed it for a long time

The Reese's PB cup cookie I'm eating right now 

My sons' birthday coming up

Game nights 

Starting a new bible study

Warm soup & homemade bread 

What are some things that are making you happy this week? 

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