Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Reading List for 2020

It has been awhile since I have talked about books at all! Like, almost 2 years. It's time! I've still been reading regularly, I just haven't blogged about it at all. I think that in 2019 I read more non-fiction than average, but I would still like to up that a little. Non-fiction just take me forever to get through because they give me so much to think about and I can only read a little at a time since I'm processing. I read 19 books in 2019, which is a little lower than I would have liked, but I still feel pretty good about it.
Here are some books that are on my current non-fiction reading list. I may not get to them all this year, because, like I said, I'm slow at non-fiction, but these are all books that I already own and haven't gotten to, or that have been on my list for awhile! (Books with a * are books I own and will probably prioritize for that reason).

So, I guess I certainly have some work to do this year! A lot to dig into, and I'm sure I'll be adding even more to my list as the year goes on. I have several people's book lists saved that I'm wanting to look over and get some recommendations from. If you have any good non-fiction books you'd recommend, send them my way! I have a whole separate list of fiction books I want to read, and I can generally read a lot more of those throughout the year! 

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