Thursday, April 9, 2020

2020 Quarterly Goal Update 1

To help me stay accountable to the goals I set this year, I thought it would be helpful for me to do quarterly updates with how each of my goals is coming along. I am hoping this will keep some of those ongoing goals in perspective for me and for me to keep tabs on how much more progress I need to make on each of them! Here's where I'm at so far this year: 
done in progressnot started
Health Goals
  • Get a thermography scan   no progress on this. Haven't set up an appointment yet & probably won't be able to until covid has passed. 
  • 150 workouts 28/150 I've been sick several times this year already so progress on this has been slow, but I've been catching up the last few weeks!
Spiritual Goals
  • Memorize 52 bible verses 12/52. I am on week 13 now, should be on 15, so 2 weeks behind somehow. I had kept up on this really well until recently. 

  • Study 8-10 complete books of the bible 1 down (Jonah), 2 in progress (Hebrews & 1 Peter)
Home Goals
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned hoping to do this soon as part of spring cleaning (again, is probably on hold until the quarantine lifts)
  • put the finishing touches on master bedroom DONE!! (hopefully I can get some good pictures soon. It's currently doubling as my husband's home office)

  • more security measures put in place We've added something, would like a couple more additions still 
School/knowledge Goals
  • Make a school plan for next year for the boys in progess. I've done my part for this, waiting on other's for the plan to be set in place.  as of yesterday, this is set-they got into the program we were hoping for!!
  • Start teaching music at home Done! We started using Prodigies for all 4 kids.  

  • Find a social studies curriculum that fits our family better for next school year I'm exploring options now and have it narrowed down to a few!
  • Read 30 books 10 read, 2 in progress currently
Personal/Random Goals
  • Find & invest in a good pair of gym shoes Bought a pair of Nike Metcons and loving them!
  • Blog twice a month So far I've gotten at least 2 posts up each month
  • Get plans in place for 2021 family trip Still in the researching phase for this
  • Stay within budget for eating out category every month So far so good! 
  • Finalize our will Need to get on this asap!
Family Goals
  • Have girls be able to shower themselves A work in progess-they're doing really well! 
  • Girls clean their room with 0 help 0 progress on this lol
  • Teach the boys all letter names/sounds We're working on this now that they're home with me full time. I got an actual curriculum for them that we just started.
  • Have girls be able to prepare a lunch for everyone Haven't even attempted this yet
  • 12 date nights that aren't just going to dinner 2/12 so far...we'll catch up when it's warmer out & we can actually go out and do things.

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