Sunday, May 24, 2020

Family Worship Night

For a long time we had a strong desire to be more intentional with our kids about worshiping together as a family, praying as a family, and even doing a devotional or lesson. But for a long time, we just never took the time to figure out a way to really make it happen. 

For the last year or so, we've been doing a Worship Night just about every week and it has been so good for our family! Here is what we do and how we've made it work. 
We chose a night when we already had another activity going on because we always come right home after that, and since it's always a time we're guaranteed to be home, it was really easy to get into a rhythm of doing it at that time every week. 
First, we wanted to be praying more with our kids and we wanted them to have some stake in it. We all sat down and my husband and I had come up with categories and wrote each one on the top of a piece of paper (we aren't being fancy here). The categories we chose are: family, people, church, community, world. We had the kids come up with things they'd like to pray for in each of these categories and add them to the list. (We actually need to update these now, since it's been a while and some things are outdated!) 
Each time we have worship night, we have each person choose a sheet and choose something to pray for off of that sheet, or if they have something else they'd like to pray for, that's great too. We just encourage them to pray (and help the little ones). We all take a turn.

Sometimes we will do a devotional or lesson. Since COVID, we have been watching our church's kids lesson each week during this time. We have a few kids devotional type books that we'll sometimes read a story from one of our kids bibles. We are toying with the idea of doing our catechism lessons during this time next school year rather than during the school day. It's never anything too long (5-10 minutes) but generally sparks some good questions and conversations from our kids, which we always love, and it gives us a good idea of what's going on in their hearts sometimes, too. 

Generally, we will end with some worship, either songs they sing at church, songs we sing at church or just worship songs we like. 

That's it! It generally takes around 20 minutes or's pretty short and sweet. It's not too long that they get antsy or we lose their attention. It has been really great for our family and just a joy to worship together with our kids and show them that worshiping God together is a priority for our family. I'm so glad that we finally put it into practice. I know that it will evolve over time as our kids grow and schedules change but I am hopeful that this will always be something our family prioritizes and that our kids remember as part of their childhoods. 

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