Tuesday, September 29, 2020

2020 Family Vacation

At the end of July we were able to take our long awaited family vacation! I've been mentally planning this trip for a couple of years, and we finally booked it at the beginning of this year for May. Well, of course Covid happened and we decided at that time it was best to push it back, because so many things were still closed and the trip would have changed so much. 
We were supposed to start in North Carolina, spend a day in Huntsville, Alabama at the space & rocket center, head down to Gulfport, Mississippi, spend a couple days in Louisiana, and then a day in Memphis on the way home. We had to scrap some of those plans and shorten the trip by a few days to make it all work with Covid restrictions, but it still ended up being an awesome trip! 

We left on a Friday around lunchtime and drove for about 8 hours. I can't even remember what state we stopped for the night in....I think it was Kentucky. We pretty much just slept there, ate breakfast and were back on the road for about 4-5 more hours Saturday. 
We arrived in the mountain town of Murphy, NC late afternoon, grabbed our grocery order and headed to our cabin to explore. Everything was so beautiful! 
Murphy ended up being a lot different than we expected/planned for based on internet searches, which was disappointing, but we made the best of it! 
The highlights were hiking in the mountains, playing pool at the cabin, exploring all different kinds of nature, and visiting Fields of the Wood. I'll let the pictures do the talking! 

We stayed in Murphy for 3 nights, and then had a day of driving to get down to Gulfport, MS. We skipped over Alabama this time, since the museum had so many restrictions in place. When we got to Gulfport it was raining, so we pretty much just got our groceries, went out to dinner and got settled into our condo the first evening. It was forecast to rain the whole time we were there, but we had an open window the next morning, so we got down to the beach early. Turned out it never really rained again, which was great! It turns out that the beach in Gulfport doesn't have waves, which I had never heard. I've been to beaches all over the country & in Mexico and have never been to one without waves. It would've been great a few years ago when our kids were little, but we wanted waves! The kids had boogie boards and were ready for some fun! So we only ended up going to the beach in Gulfport (which was walking distance from our condo) once. The highlight of MS was taking a ferry out to Ship Island. It was about an hour ferry ride each way that goes out to a secluded island where there ARE waves and clear water! We spent an entire day there and did not regret it! So much fun. Other highlights from MS were tons of good seafood, the pool at the condo and the children's museum. 

After 4 nights in Gulfport we were off to a daytrip in New Orleans. We added this back in on the day we left our house. We were only an hour and a half away from NO and felt like we just had to go. At least for a few hours! I'm glad we did. We did a kid friendly tour of the French Quarter, had lunch and beignets and were on our way! 

We drove to Memphis that night, and were planning on getting breakfast at one of their really cool old breakfast places, but last minute decided that we don't live all that far from Memphis, so we'll just go back another time when we can actually enjoy it. We were ready to get home! On our night in Memphis, my little guy yanked his first tooth out! We had just gone to bed in the hotel room when he whispered for his dad to come over, and said "I pulled my tooth out." He was so nonchalant about it, and the tooth was definitely loose but really not ready to come out, so I think he had to have pulled it pretty hard! Not sure what made him decide that was the right time, but it was a big celebration.

 Another day of driving and we were home and recovering! It was a great trip and we got to mark 4 more states off our list! 
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