Sunday, October 11, 2020

2020 Quarterly Goal Update

Here we are 3/4 of the way through 2020. For as crazy of a year as this has been, it really has gone by quickly, which is probably a good thing! Here's where I'm at on my goals for this year. Most are in pretty good shape!

done in progressnot started
Health Goals
  • Get a thermography scan   Finally got this done, just recently! I've been wanting to do this for years, so it is really nice to finally mark it off the list! 
  • 150 workouts 93/150 Quarter 2 I did great and made a ton of progress on this goal. Quarter 3 was rough with lots of life changes and things, and I got way behind. I *think* I can still meet this goal, but I'll really have to work at it.
Spiritual Goals
  • Memorize 52 bible verses  I lost count, but I also kind of gave up on this goal, and here's why. I had big intentions at the beginning of the year, but what I found was I was rushing through memorizing many of these verses so I could move onto the next one, and they weren't really solidly sticking. I'd rather really get a verse down and truly memorize it to where I know it up and down, back and forth, so I decided to work hard on solidifying the ones I worked on to make sure they're really there.
  • Study 8-10 complete books of the bible  6 down (Jonah, 1 Peter, Hebrews, Song of Songs, 2 Peter, Ephesians), 1 in progress (Titus)
Home Goals
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned This was so great! We had the entire house done and I'm so glad we did! I think from here on, we will try to do half the house each year. 
  • put the finishing touches on master bedroom DONE!! (Still need to get some pictures! I need to add the bed skirt, which I've had for months, but haven't put on.)
  • more security measures put in place We've added some things, would like a couple more additions still 
School/knowledge Goals
  • Make a school plan for next year for the boys This is all taken care of and begun! I have a curriculum post written, just need to get pictures so I can post soon! 
  • Start teaching music at home Did this in the spring, and then I was waiting to figure out what we were doing in the fall and if they would get music at their enrichment classes so I haven't come up with anything yet. I have a program from Teachers Pay Teachers I'm thinking of using.
  • Find a social studies curriculum that fits our family better for next school year  We've been going through Notgrass History's Our Star Spangled Banner and we like it so far!
  • Read 30 books 22 read, 6 in progress currently (I probably won't finish all of those by the end of the year, but will read a few more novels most likely). Reading has not been a problem for me this year!
    Personal/Random Goals
    • Find & invest in a good pair of gym shoes Bought a pair of Nike Metcons and loving them!
    • Blog twice a month I'm officially calling this one a fail. I did not do well on blogging this year AT ALL. And that's ok. A lot of other things had my attention this year. 
    • Get plans in place for 2021 family trip Technically this is done, because our plans are that we are not going now. Thanks, Covid. (I'm sure we'll still go on vacation(s) next year, just not the big one we had planned.)
    • Stay within budget for eating out category every month So far so good! 
    • Finalize our will Finally have made some progress on this!
    Family Goals
    • Have girls be able to shower themselves This went so much faster/smoother than expected. They're 100% on their own now and I'm completely out of the picture. Next up, the boys! 
    • Girls clean their room with 0 help They've been doing this weekly now with no issue!
    •  Have girls be able to prepare their own breakfast  This has been so nice! I'm so glad we switched this goal from lunch to breakfast. They get up at different times and all like different breakfast foods, and its been really nice for them to just be able to do their own thing in the mornings. 
    • 12 date nights that aren't just going to dinner 8 or 9/12 (I've lost track of exact dates, but I know we're on track still). I'm glad we've been able to do as much as we have with the weird year we've had, so no complaints here. 

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